Erase Msn Auto Fill Files

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Erase Browser Cookies History

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Is it possible to remove all the research on the computer?

I know how to delete cookies and browser history but research age occur constantly in the text of several boxes of search engines and websites and my nerves

Tools> Internet Options> Remove Navigation> History Delete all. I also recommend CCleaner. CCleaner is free and removes all traces of your online activities.

How do i delete my web browser history and cookies?

Erase Yahoo Browser Bar History

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How do you clear the drop-down menu in Internet Explorer browser bars without erasing the history?

Like… Whenever you type in www.y into your browser bar, it brings up a drop-down menu that gives the options of,, etc. How do you erase those entries without clearing the entire history?

Tools > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History > Delete forms.

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Erase Yahoo Browser Bar Files

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Rolepi HV Trojan imposibble to erase and problems updating anti-spy?

Hi there
I have 2 problems:
Every time I run the anti-spy supported by my yahoo tool bar, it founds a trojan named “Rolepi HV”, then I take action and remove it. Every things sounds good till I run a new scan at least two times, then it founds over and over this trojan. How can I remove it? I’ve been having problems with the speed of my browser, either Mozilla or Explorer.
The other problem comes when I try to update this anti-spy. It stops the process and says “cheksum of downloaded file is incorrect” . What do they mean with this?
Many thanks

A Trojan virus is faulty computer program that can infect remote computers by changing the desktop or deleting important files. Generally called a Trojan Horse, it appears as a legitimate file or software from a trusted source, therefore tricking users into opening it or downloading it. Take action and protect your personal computer files by learning to delete this Trojan virus.
Here is more infomation and removal guide:

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Erase Google Web History

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erase google web history

Erase History of Websites Visited

If you want to maintain your privacy that’s related to your Internet browsing habits, you should erase history of websites visited from the browser that you have used for web surfing. Erasing your Internet browser history becomes all the more important when you are using a shared computer. This is because not erasing history of websites visited will help others to know and keep an eye on what you are doing in the online world. So, in order to wipe off your personal information or passwords that are saved in that particular browser by mistake, you should erase history of websites visited.

Though the fundamental steps to erase such history are identical, there can be minor variations from browser to browser. Many people consider Firefox to be the best web browser that offers the most useful answer to erase history of websites visited and guard your Internet privacy.

To erase your Internet browsing history while using Firefox, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Tools†and notice the drop down box.
  2. Select the option of “Clear Private Data†which will either erase or delete all your private facts as well as passwords from the computer.
  3. If any “extensions†and “toolbars†that are offered by a third-party are installed like the Google toolbar, Yahoo search bar etc, remove them one by one or else your browsing history will be stored by them.

If you want to go for Internet Explorer 7, you can erase history of websites visited by means of these methods:

  1. Click on “Toolsâ€, see a drop down box that opens and select “Internet Options†from there.
  2. When a box opens, search for the “General†tab; Click on it and next select the button that says “Delete†in browsing history.
  3. The “Delete Browsing History†window will open. After that, choose “Delete All†to do away with all traces of the history of websites that you have visited.
  4. You will need to give a final confirmation before the internet browsing history is deleted .
  5. You will find a box that reads: “Also Delete files and settings stored by add-ons.†Check it and then click on the “Yes†button.
  6. Last of all, click the OK button in “Internet Options†window.
  7. If your browser is set up with a few third-party “extensions” or “toolbars”, erase them independently as these third-party installations keep histories of you browsing habits. So, if you continue to have them installed, someone can have the opportunity to know about your Internet browser history even when you have completed all the other steps listed above.

To erase history of websites visited while using your AOL (America Online) browser, you can go with the following techniques:

  1. At the top fragment of the AOL window, find the “settings†button.
  2. Click on it and choose “preferences†next.
  3. Choose “toolbar and sounds” and then click on the button that says “clear history trail nowâ€. This will clear your Internet browsing history that was stored with AOL (America Online).

So, follow these steps to have a happy browsing experience without the fear of other people disturbing your privacy by knowing about your browsing habits.

How to Use an Internet Web Browser : How to View & Delete Browsing History on Safari

Erase Windows Toolbar History

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I have a Google toolbar?

Well, that’s not the problem. The problem is that when I try to type something in, the history drops down and I accidently stretched it out and now I don’t see the end of it. So I can’t erase my history once I have too much stuff and I don’t want to keep seeing this huge list. How can I make the history go back to it’s usual size? I tried getting rid of the Google toolbar and then bringing it back and it didn’t work. I closed the whole window and opened it back up and no luck. I’m out of ideas. It’s just really annoying to see the history take up the whole window. Help?

I think you go into settings> options >search box settings then unclick the two boxes saying: Seach from most popular searchs and search from my search history

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Erase Internet Explorer Search History

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How can I erase the memory written in the search field?

I am using Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 .. I would how to erase the memory when you search something on the net. I want to delete the search history in the box. For example, when we find some something that begins with a letter "A" when writing the letter, the search history is displayed. I would like to delete. Tell me if please!

Access to properties Intenet Explorer. Select the "Content" tab, where you can find "AutoComplete … "Click on this button. Then click" Clear Forms "and / or" Clear Password ". If the radio buttons deselct web addresses " "Forms" User names and passwords on forms "you do not see a list while typing in the search engine, or box username.

How to Delete Search History in Internet Explorer anf Mozilla Firefox

Erase Google Search Data

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erase google search data
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Erase Windows Search Data

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erase windows search data

Im getting a lot of pop-ups lately and all of them start with “CiD:” in front of their names.

I ran a windows search of my computer and found this SOL format file called “cid” and it looks very suspicious. Its size is 1KB

C:Documents and SettingsSpikeApplication DataMacromediaFlash is the location of the file, and you can see that at the end of the location that it connects to a internet and it makes it more suspicious.

Some people say that if you erase a program called Cid Help from Add/Remove Programs, the pop-ups will stop, but i dont have that on my computer.

I ve been having this problem for a long time and i hope to get some useful answers from here.

Also, using Firefox is not an answer for me.

I found those “sol” files on my computer every time I was on websites that used a lot of Flash ads, and Internet Explorer does not delete those darn things in Tools – Internet Options – Delete.

Turns out that CCleaner will delete those files, so if you haven’t used it, now is a good time to try it. It is a free program.

When you install it, it will have a check box to allow installing the Yahoo Toolbar. As you are already on Yahoo, there is no need to install the toolbar.

ccleaner also gives you the ability to erase your Internet files, history, and cookies, just like Internet Explorer can, but if you want to keep a cookie or two, you can select the cookies to keep and delete all others.

how to find cookies in vista and windows 7

Erase Yahoo Autofill History

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