Erase Google Pc Data

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erase google pc data

Security Threat – Data Recovery of Personal Data

Erase Aol Sign In History

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How To Delete AOL Chat Files or Browsing History

Erase Windows Password History

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erase windows password history
If my father ran a browse scan on my computer would he still be able to see what I’m looking up?

Okay so I have looked up some stuff about sex and have watched porn videos on youtube when horny, my dad has been suspicious of me lately and has threatened to run a browse scan on my computer to see what I’ve looked up. However, I set my internet options to clear EVERYTHING I look up, delete history on exit, erase cookies, etc. Anything the internet options don’t clear, I get erase with the window washer. So since I delete as much stuff I’ve looked up as I can, he won’t be able to find anything on a browse scan right? I also have a password on my computer.

Depends ,, if he knows about he could get it and try to recover stuff,, Best bet. Get ccleaner, use the wipe free space,, use the 35 passes.. He will be lucky to find squat. ~

GREAT video tutorial how to remove your LOST windows password!

Erase Google Address Bar History

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How to erase internet history .. complicated: /?

I know I erase my history to Tools> Internet Options> Delete browsing history. Yes, it works, free memory and runs a little faster. However, when I start write "into my address bar, I still have a bit of history really a drop-down old posts, although we have ensured that I deleted all my history. i delete history, cookies and cache on a regular basis and can not understand why this happens again! I just want to get rid of old things, I searched (Roman wars, the developing child, bored with the stuff old school): / is not in my bookmarks.

It's a little weird, but try this. I think you are using IE. Go to tools > Options> Delete Browsing History-> Navigation> Settings: History. Click on the file hearing, which will open its folder Temporary Internet Files. select all files and delete them. This should solve your problem.


Erase Yahoo Search History

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erase yahoo search history
how can I erase yahoo search history?

Open Internet explorer and select Tools-Internet options it will open to the default tab. Select the clear temporary internet files.

Next click clear history.

Now click settings and goto “View files” Highlight the lot (Cntrl+A) and press delete. On IE6 just press clear cookies button, no need to goto settings.

Finally how do you clear those damn searches and sites from the URL Address bar? Click the Content tab. Select Auto complete and making sure that “Web addresses is checked” (by default it will be) click the clear forms button. All done :o )


Temporary internet files tend to accumulate. You can auto delete them every time you shut your browser by: Open IE select Tools-Internet options-Advanced. Put a check in the box that says “Clear temporary internet files on shutdown”.

Be aware that temporary internet files do help to speed up surfing. Once you have been to a page it is saved in the temp cache and loads form there next time you goto the site. Loading it from your HD is quicker than redisplaying the data from the web. The downsize is that as you surf you accumulate a ton of these files.

Set aside about 80 meg of space for the temporary files, more than this will start to degrade performance.

Set history to about a week, more than that and it will be a confusing mess.

If you turn off “check for newer versions every visit to a site” it will speed up your IE loading times. But you will need to clear the temps file regular if you do this otherwise you may view older pages unless you refresh. For some reason this seems to help cable users who experience slow loading of their home page.


Advanced SystemCare

Erase Google Url Data

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Clear Your Search History

A majority of web surfers use various search engines to find what they are looking for. However, Google is the mostly commonly used among all other search engines. When you type a search phrase in the search box of a search engines, you may have observed that a drop down list pops up where all the previously searched terms are displayed. It is a wrong concept to think that the search engine has saved these previous searches. Actually, your web browser has a feature known as “AutoComplete” that saves these search terms.

A majority of web browsers that consist of Firefox and Internet Explorer use AutoComplete to help users carry out web searches and fill out various online forms. When the AutoComplete is turned on, the browser keeps track of various data that you have typed recently like the website URLs, search queries as well as form data. With such data that’s saved, the browser tries to predict what you are going to type and makes you job easier by offering apparent matches. So, when you start typing a search phrase in the search box, a dropdown list of searched terms used earlier comes into view. However, the storage of such information by your browser could be a potential menace to your privacy as your spouse, kids, boss, or even a hacker can abuse such information or humiliate you in public. To protect your online privacy, you should clear your search history so that your browsing habits are not compromised.

If you want to clear your search history (often called AutoComplete history) manually, you need to complete the following steps:

For Internet Explorer 7:

After opening the Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and pick Internet Options from there. Next, select the tab marked General. Choose the “Delete” option under the Browser History. For form data, pick “Delete forms” and click on the button marked “Yes”.

For Internet Explorer 6:

After you open the Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options from there. After that, opt for the tab marked “Content”. Under Personal Information, you will find Autocomplete that you need to choose. Finally, select “Clear Forms” and hit the button labeled “Yes”.

For Firefox:

After opening the Firefox browser, go to the Tools menu and select Options from there. Next, choose the tab marked Privacy and click” Clear now”. Check the box marked by “Saved Form and Search History”. Finally, click “Clear Private Data Now” to clear your search history.

Remember that not clearing the search history each time after you have browsed the Internet may endanger your employment, reputation, family ties, or even identity. You privacy could be at risk if such sensitive information and data lay stored into your PC. This is particularly a dangerous situation when the computer that you use is also used by others like your spouse, kids, boss, friends or colleagues. As these people may chance upon such confidential data that speak about your browsing habits, you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations. So, why take chances? Clear your search history every time you surf the Internet to protect your privacy and ensure that no one has access to your browsing habits.

Google Chrome: Delete ID and deactivate Call-Home of URLs

Erase Windows Application Files

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erase windows application files
Where can I obtain the Windows XP Format utility? A virus?

has prevented my system from running the Command prompt

It tells me that “another application is using the file”.

I tried run> command ,nothing happens
I even downloaded command prompt programs

They open,but display a blank black screen

I need to erase everything on my Partitioned hard drive

There are two copies of Windows XP
I do not want to install windows over only one copy>

My laptop does not have a Floppy ,to run the boot disk

System restore does not work,yes the service is enabled.

Thank You

What exactly do you want to do?

Start from scratch? If so, obtain the xp cd, follow the prompts, delete all your partitions, recreate if desired and install.

For command prompt, it is Start > Run > Type cmd > Then enter

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Erase Msn Browser Files

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Your Privacy in the Cyber World – How to Protect It?

The Internet – a huge collection of computers, connected to share information within each other. That means it is a network of terminals where each of them resembles a portal for a user to connect to this vast community of information sharing, commercial trading, entertainment, and much more.

While you are so obsessed with your involvement in the internet busy sharing data between each portal, the unexpected arise – you found that your PayPal account has a less amount that you used to have, your usual private email was accessed by someone else opening all your unread emails, worse come to worst your kinky picture of you with your girlfriend started to show up in online forums.

This all relates to your personal stuffs you are trying to keep from the public in the internet. Stuffs that you will only hope to let you or a very small or particular group of people to know. Yet, hackers either by monetary benefit or just plain old fun are still out there to try to prove that the virtual security is still breakable, easily.

So how can we protect our personal information from leaking into the virtual public? The answer is – not easy. An example is, for every click or keyboard entry, there is a chance that your input to the webpage is logged by a keyboard logger, for every freeware or shareware you’ve downloaded, there is a chance to have the keyboard logger installed secretly to your computer. True to us that this is a common tactic used by hackers around, but small precautions from us will avoid getting more information leaked around.

Websites collect information when a user visits them via cookies. This information stays in your hard drive to allow stored data if you have downloaded anything large in size, the cookies will be used to provide faster page opening time. Filling an online payment form will also trigger the cookies to keep a copy of what you’ve typed. So with your credit card information and home address easily accessible by hackers, you can stop it by just disabling cookies in your web browser, or even let it run as a Read Only file, so that they can’t get hold of any personal information.

Also be aware of what queries you have encountered in the net. Emails from people whom you do not know is better to be left in the SPAM box or trash box. Sometimes they might be trying to lure you in with catchy labels and kept asking you for your details – Don’t reply to them. This also happens to unknown contacts popping from MSN Messenger trying to ask you out for a dinner whom you assume it’s a hot date, but coming to the end when you sensed that it is weird for asking your credit card number and your actual name to make a reservation for a table, you’d better not giving it to someone whom you know barely for 15 minutes!

How to get IDM 5.19.2 for free! (Internet Download Manager) + Download+110% Clean+Patch+Keygen

Erase Firefox Cookies History

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Removing recent documents and the history of Firefox?

How to delete the folder "My Recent Documents" in the Start menu on your computer and delete the entire Firefox history of sites visited by the team completely. ' … I know that I go to Tools, Clear Private Data and check the browser history, cache, cookies and authenticated sessions, but …. I know it is still visible in some way and I'm looking quite clear. Please help … I appreciate it;) (And not for immature people respond .. I was not watching porn or something like that). .. My funding is a genius computers, knows that I'm looking for a birthday gift for him, and he is bound and determined to find what it is haha. Thank you for your time.

Friend, The only thing to do is go to tools and delete private data in Firefox, or you can configure Firefox not to keep all cookies or stored data. Thus, when the browser is closed, everything is erased. You'll have to go to tools and options everything. To remove the material in recent documents right click on the file and say delete. It is something you should also delete the temporary folder and delete all files from its container recycling. In addition, there is no way he can know what you have done.

Delete Firefox 3.5 History, Cache, Cookies and Saved Passwords, How-To Guide

Erase Windows Cookies History

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How do I look up “cookies”-things searched on internet?

How to look up all things searched on my computer I think its called “cookies” that were erased from the browsing history on the internet? I have a Acer Windows Vista computer don’t know if that matters or not. Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks!
Within the computer like the documents

If it has been erased, then there is a very slim chance of being able to get them and find out. Its also not in plain english about what was searched, if you were to open a cookie. If you want to see what was serached at, google, for example, goto google and type in the search box ‘a’ and see what pops up as recently searched, then ‘b’ then ‘c’ and so on.

Microsoft Windows : How to Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer

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