Erase Aol Application History

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Webroot Window Washer Review

The amazing award-winning Window Washer keeps getting better at removing evidence of personal computer use and improving your operating system performance. Window Washer features an entirely new interface and cleans more areas of your computer than ever before. Window Washer scrubs hundreds of programs, including Mozilla and Firefox and the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape.

Window Washer includes bleach technology as an added security measure. The Bleach feature completely overwrites files making recovery impossible. This enhanced version also cleans up hard disk free space to remove evidence of your deleted files. Window Washer maintains your preferred Internet settings and log-ins by saving your cookies that you can also use Window Washer to delete cookies whenever you choose.

The Window Washer System Eraser option permits you to safely and effectively erase the contents of your hard drive so that you can donate or sell your computer with the knowledge that your private data is protected. Its built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files located in special folders including system folders, My Documents and My Photos.

Novice users of Window Washer will appreciate the simple setup while expert users can configure it to their precise needs with the numerous wash options available. If you run into trouble or have questions about Window Washer, their knowledgeable support team is always there to provide friendly and expert help that is free.

Online activities can be traced through browser cache, cookies, history and forms files. System application software also stores information that could compromise privacy. Cleaning these files recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance. The fact is, you are increasingly vulnerable to privacy invasions unless you take steps to protect yourself and your computer data. Webroot’s Window Washer software has solutions that can help you take control. Window Washer simply, safely and easily removes your online and offline tracks for complete privacy, and scrubs away excess useless file remnants that clog your computer hard drive.

Webroot Window Washer 6.0 offers the most comprehensive cleaning of your PC and Internet history. This utility will automatically clear your cookies, history, cache, and recent documents list to protect your privacy and improve system performance. It completely overwrites files with random characters making them unrecoverable by undelete or un-erase utilities. The built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files. You can save valuable cookies to maintain your preferred Internet settings and logins. You can automatically discover and install free plug-ins for your favorite programs such as Real Player or Adobe Acrobat.

Overview of Key Features:
• PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award winner

• Automatic PC cleaner allows you to schedule washes automatically at specified intervals

• Bleach functionality renders files unrecoverable by undelete or unerase utilities

• Built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files

• Free program updates and free world-class customer support for one year

Program: Window Washer (Now with Mozilla / Firefox support)

Author: Webroot Software

Platform: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

License: $29.95


Erase Aol Internet History

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How can I erase where I have been online?

Not the websites that I typed in, but like…for example on this website, after you look at a question, then click on another one…how do you delete that history? Thanks! (I am on AOL, not internet explorer)
I know that those work for internet explorer but I can’t find anything on AOL like that…nothing that says options or file or anything!

Can you use Firefox? –

With Firefox there are Security “Add-ons” like FoxyProxy, HistoryBlock, TrackMeNot, etc

They will not only cover your tracks but remove or block history. Add-ons page

Good to stay away from IE and Outlook – security is a big problem. Alternatives are Firefox and Thunderbird (or online email like yahoo mail).

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Erase Aol Sign In Files

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How to export AOL contacts in CSV file

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