Erase Windows Computer History

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erase windows computer history
How do you see the what someone else was looking at on your computer after they just pushed delete history?

I have Windows Vista and Internet Explorer for my browser. I have someone that needs to know how to look at the sites her husband was looking at even though he just simply erased the history?

Please teach me so I can pass the info on.
I know its not gone for good. I just dont know how to find it using windows vista. I know someone said search for the index.dat file. But where do I search?

I used to use the search and just have it search any files accessed in the last few days. That way it would show me cookies that websites leave behind. You can go into the temporary internet files and see the cache that visited websites leave behind. Be careful to jump to conclusions though, because sometimes they leave stuff even if the site wasn’t actually visited. But it will give youan idea. My computer has never seen a porn site and if I go into my temporary internet file folder, I have no pornagraphic material or websites at all. I think you have to be on something like it before it leaves stuff behind, but it might not be exact. Play with it until you feel more confident about it.

Ctrl + Alt + Del: the history…

Erase Firefox Temporary Files History

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I'm dying PLZ HELP Help inetrnet 10 pts?

Ok, I keep seeing the same problem with my internet not working, I Firefox has been downloaded a virus check with McAfee does not find anything that I'm connected to full Internet access, but whenever I open my site, I get a message saying that the Internet is no longer operating or open, but when I go to a website is closed in itself, with no message pertends error or goes, but it takes a while to load, but still does not anythong I was looking more add-ons little thing that I did not work to delete cookies temporary files and history, but has yet to work im really worried please someone kindly help me, I'm worried about my laptop is not even a year since I can not even download programs that help so I wrote this often ….='( from another computer please help

Do not worry, it's just one or two things you can do to start, why fire? you need for Safari browser is the best and no problem at all. Second, uninstall Firefox, reboot. if your using IE and still do, write a check for malware, I had the same problem, and Happy to be malicious, you can download a free really well. Once done, download Safari. And it has been established, not the computer, ice cream, if still has probs, Hit Me Up YMesenger happy to help ~ ~ ~ but first get

CCleaner – Remove unwanted junk from your computer

Erase Msn Internet Browser Files

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Delete Internet History and Clear Internet History Tools

The computer is a very useful and handy piece of equipment in the house and office. In fact, with the advent of the internet, there is practically little need of time being spent in research and reading. This is because all and any information that is required for anyone is easily accessible from the internet. All that has to be done is to do some surfing where practically any type of information can be found out.

However, with the surfing of the internet, there is a great chance of all the surfing history getting recorded in secret hidden files in the computer. This proves to be rather dangerous as sometimes unwanted pictures and images can be recorded in the PC that proves to be dangerous to you. The best thing to do to avoid all this happening is with the installation of internet eraser software in the computer.

With the installation of the internet eraser software, it is possible to protect your log file, business and family details and privacy. This is because the internet eraser software is designed so as to help computer users to remove and erase all the surfing tracks from the computer. This is why the internet eraser software is considered to be the ultimate privacy tool for computer users.

With the help of the internet eraser software, you can get your browser history cleared, internet web address erased, porn files erased and internet search history erased with it. With internet eraser software installed in the computer, you can surf the internet without any fear of getting unwanted matter being recorded in the computer.

Besides this, another reason for the need of installing internet eraser software is that the computer may run slow and start hanging with the browsers being full. With the presence of the internet eraser software in the computer, the browser gets emptied as it is full, wherein the speed of the computer is not affected.

The internet is full of different types of internet eraser software. Make sure to download ones with as many security options as possible, like built in file shredder, and ones that support all major browsers like Yahoo/MSN/Goggle, also make sure it has an option to scan your PC for pornographic files as many of these files get downloaded in to the user’s PC without their knowledge. So if you want the ultimate in safety and privacy while using the computer and internet, it is important that you have a copy of internet eraser software installed in the computer.

The Best Msn Hacks (MSN Slide Max,MSN Virus Cleaner,Hacking Web Applications).mp4

Erase Google Catch History

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erase google catch history
what do you think your child does over the internet?

Hi guys, i watch porn, not every day, but i try to watch it non-stop, i know 10, and 9 year old people that watch porn…parents try to hide about it, and not tell them, but trust me, they already know… some parents ask, do you know what sex is? there child goes, no… do you actually believe that, am only 13 and watch porn, your child may be watching porn too, like me, i do it all the time, i just love watching it, its just… so good i cant explain, its the best thing you can ever do, i dont wanna tell my parents i do it, i dont know what theyll do, maybe never let me go on the internet, one day he caught me, all he said was to take it off, then made jokes about it, is it wrong for a child 13 years old or less, to watch porn, and never tell there parents? i mean, even if youre sure that your child doesnt watch porn, i bet he is, i mean, its easy, u can erase the sites you go too, and google history, so what you guys think about this? wrong? not sure? should i tell? should i stop?

My son is 13, and no, he does not watch porn because (1) he can only use the computer out in the living room with other people present, and (2) he has better morals than that. He’s too smart to do something so dumb.

How To Delete Browsing Data/History – In Google Chrome

Erase Google Clipboard Files

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Cloud Storage Mac Snow Leopard Uploader

Erase Msn Web Browser Data

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the legend of the dragoon part 60 disk 2

Erase Aol Cookies History

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Tired of Waiting for Programs to Start? Pc is Slow? Could be your Registries

We all know how important a windows registry is, as every operating system and application libraries are linked to it for a safer and smoother user experience. Windows are designed in a way to store every application’s reference links inside registry. Can you image what would happen if this registry is corrupted? The answer is simple: your computer will not work any more.

How nice it would be to maintain your computer’s windows registry with perfect and reliable registry cleaner software. If you don’t know one then here is the popular one CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner. This software is very easy to install and immediately on the first time of its launch on the local computer, allows the user to take an instant backup of the current registry. This is very important as for some reason if you have manually deleted a good part of registry you can reboot the computer in the safe mode and can restore the registry information.

To backup the registry simply click on the “Backup Windows Registry” button and the computer will take around 2 minutes to store the backup file in user’s specified location on the local hard drive. The next thing that you can do is to select the “Scan & Clean” option from the let Navigational panel. This will allow the application to scan through the registry for File Extensions, Application paths, Registry Integrity, Com/ActiveX entries, Uninstall Entries, Font Entries, Shared DLLs, Help Files Information, Windows Startup Items, History List and finally a File/Path Reference (only for advanced user).

I was amazed at the fact the there were more than 400 errors reported by the registry cleaner on my windows XP machine and which were fixed in a single click on the “Fix selected problems” button. It only repaired 10 problems as I was running a trial version of the software before. I did not waste any time and immediately purchased the original version and rescan my system registry and got every error fixed after which my computer rebooted. Once it came back online it was much faster and applications were opening instantly which used to give me a 30 – 40 seconds delay previously. My computer boot-up time was reduced to 1-2 minute from 5-7 minutes. This was simply awesome.

Quite often applications are installed and un-installed causing several thousands of referencing keys to be created and removed leaving gaps making the registry size to become considerably large. You can now use the “Defrag Registry” option which will reduce the registry size to a lot smaller to your surprise. Apart from that the “Startup organizer” allows a user to look at the startup items running on your computer which can play a significant role in downgrading your computer’s performance. Uncheck those items which you don’t want to initialize and start with a computer startup.

Finally an awesome “Privacy Eraser” option allows the user to kill every major browser’s (like IE, Firefox, AOL, MSN, Opera) cache, cookies, off line files, URL history, saved user name and password and index.dat file used by Internet Explorer, to save up on disk space. You can also clear a lot of windows and Office based cache and temporary files as well. The list is so big that it would always be better to get this software and keep your system healthy.

Go get this one now!

Computer Viruses & Security : Delete the History on AOL

Erase Google Search History

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erase google search history
how can i erase my search history in yahoo and google search boxes?

im afraid my mom can see the websites i have visited

Ahhhh, so you’ve been where you shouldn’t have been huh?

Go to >Tools (top right of page)>Toolbars>History. Click history and it will bring up where you’ve been, put the cursor over top of the day/week you want to delete and right click, a small box will come up and you can select delete from there.

Clear Google Toolbar Search History

Erase Windows Clipboard Files

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erase windows clipboard files
malfunction in copy / paste?

when i try to copy/paste- a message comes that says: message exceeds amount able to copy/paste. try reducing the size of the text, then try again. i have defragged my computer, deleted temporary files, etc. tried reducing the unecessary space by using a tool on the computer that compacts that space.
is there a way to get into the clip board to erase items on there?
maybe my clipboard is full- therefore, i cant add any there?
i have tried using the edit button to select all, copy and paste from there. i have tried to right click copy, then paste.
i have a windows vista Dell laptop.
thank you for all and any suggestions you might have to offer. thanks so much

Could be that something is preventing the use of the Clipboard, like a Virus Scanner or Spyware scanner.

Have you tried just pasting without hte CUT? Are you doing this right after a reboot? Have you tried cut / Paste with a 4-7 letter word?

Make sure your not infected: – Run this is Malwarebytes did not find anything, if it did, skip this and goto my next statement.

If you were infected, remove your previous virus scanner and download: – Home Edition, which is FREE. Register, which is FREE to get a key for 1 full year. It has a boottime Scan option during install, yes, and finish so it can reboot.

If its not infected clean up the HD.

Will get rid of alot of space wasting areas and can fix registry issues and errors. If it find more than 10, run the registry tool sveral times.

Turn off unnecessary items in the right hand bottom corner. Start > Run(search on Vista) > Msconfig … Startup(tab) … most of these are unnecessary. One of these could be the culprit.

If you have Microsoft OFFICE, it may need to be reinstalled.

Viewing the Clipboard contents:

The best Clipboard Manager for Windows – ClipX

Erase Aol Web Data

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