Erase Yahoo Password Files

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somebody got my yahoo password & changed it ! I really need your help!?

My x girlfriend got my password then read all my mail & either deleated my account or changed my password so i got a new account & i still have some of my old e-mails on here but she erased my files that i had. Is their someway i can get those back or is their a number for the yahoo people that can help me? Can i prove that she did this from her computer?

hi cyclones my friend was worried by the same thing like u may be try with those 2 web sites ang good luck

2 .

Yahoo! Password Cracker

Erase Aol Search Files

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Solange – ‘Cosmic Journey’ AOL blackvoices

Erase Aol Password History

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A Review of the Webroot Window Washer

For anyone concerned about what is left on their PC after using the Internet, Webroot Window Washer can set the mind at ease.

Window Washer wipes away all traces of past PC use. It not only removes Internet history, but also previously deleted files that may still have a presence on the hard disk. A quick cycle of Window Washer can:

•    clear Internet history, address bar and cache

•    delete selected cookies

•    overwrite deleted files

•    shred folders with one-click

•    provide protection against deleting important files

•    schedule washes

•    clear unused disk space to ensure faster, smoother PC operation

•    clean applications such as iTunes, Adobe Acrobat, Google Toolbar and Macromedia Flash Player

•    securely erase whole hard disk

•    work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and AOL

When using the Internet all sort of information gets left behind: history of sites visited, web addresses typed into the address bar, a cache of each page visited, cookies holding user information, chat logs…the list goes on. Window Washer will safely remove all of these files so no trace of online activity remains. Not only that, all of this information can slow down working, so cleaning the system makes the PC quicker and more efficient.
In trying to eliminate PC activity, it can be very easy to accidentally get rid of some important file the system needs to run properly. Window Washer provides protection against doing this whilst removing any incriminating information.

Likewise, whilst some Internet cookies might be from unsavory sources, others prove invaluable in remembering names and passwords for often visited sites. It’s easy to remove all the cookies in one go, but Window Washer allows selective cookie deletion so only the desired ones remain.
Simply deleting items from the system is not enough to remove them from the hard disk entirely. Free space can actually be full of unused files and bits of deleted files. Window Washer can overwrite this unused data with completely random information, making it worthless to anyone trying to get at it, and clean up these areas for better performance.

Window Washer is also capable of erasing the hard disk completely. Formatting and reinstalling the operating system may not destroy everything contained on the hard disk. Window Washer ensures nothing is left on a PC that might be going to a new owner.

For the most security conscious, it is not even necessary to make an effort to run Window Washer. Once installed, it can be set to wash at specified times, such as when the PC is booted up or shut down, or each time the browser is closed. Window Washer will also clean other applications. Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat, Real Player – they all store document histories of what’s been viewed and, sometimes, when it was viewed. Window Washer will empty these histories for a faster running application.

Minimum system requirements for Webroot Window Washer are not high. Even the most basic PC should be able to run it as long as it has:

•    Windows 98 SE/2000/Me/XP

•    266 MHz CPU

•    5 MB hard drive space

•    64 MB RAM

Webroot Window Washer is available for download as a free trial. The full version costs $29.95 for a one year upgrade and support subscription.

Erase Google Temporary Files History

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Why not erase the history of me?

I use Firefox. You know when something that Google, a tab that is done before is purple, and tell you how many times have you visited? Well, this still happens to me even if I delete the history (or at least I think). Even ran CCleaner and it is said that all temporary Internet files were deleted. What's happening?

I also noticed that most the history of the computer and Internet can be deleted with the Windows built-in functions. For a complete and safe to remove, I recommend Privacy Eraser Pro Internet privacy.html clean all traces of Internet and computer. In one click, Privacy Eraser Pro allows you to erase internet history, Delete browser history, clear history of address bar, delete cookies, delete the Internet cache, autocomplete memory, saved password, index.dat files of your browser and the file window Trade, temporary folders, history run, search history, open / save history, recent documents and more. It supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, AOL, Apple Safari and Opera. Many PC users like him. Find More other

CCleaner Freeware Review Speeds Up Computer

Erase Google Search Files

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erase google search files
How may i erase the text from google search?

I clear history, deleted temp files and so forth. but the text still remain there. plz hlp me.

It depends on the browser you are using. This is considered saved form data/information.

In firefox you can remove this by selecting Preferences -> Privacy -> Private Data -> Clear Now… and you can prevent it in future by turning off Preferences -> Privacy -> History -> Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar

If you are using Internet Explorer (not a good idea) you MIGHT be able to clear it by selecting Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Delete Files

How to Use the Google Search Engine : How to Find Specific File Types with Google

Erase Msn Web Browser History

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10.0.mp4

Erase Msn Internet Tracks Files

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Damn MSN address list?

When I go to a site, the drop down arrow on the web address line records where Ive been. Control Panel/ Internet Options, clear history, delete cookies, delete files does NOT get rid of this history. How can I get my damn computer to erase my tracks ? This is when Im on MSN, so this is MSN Explorer, not Internet Explorer. Thanks

Try using Mozilla Firefox instead.
It has a tool to erase all private data.

Erase Windows Application Data

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erase windows application data
How to create partition on external harddisk? how to lock a folder on an external harddisk using password?

i have recently bought a seagate desktop free agent 500 gb external hard disk drive.

im using windows xp sp2

can i create partition on my external harddisk? if yes, how to do it (in a specific and detail explanation please… coz i am still new in partitioning a harddisk) and how many maximum partition that i can make? can i divide it into 10 or 5 partition? will the data be erased because i divide it into 5 partition?

can i lock a folder or file in my external harddisk with a password? if yes, what application should i use?

your quick response is highly appreciated

thank you very much beforehand

best regards

u can use partion magic s/w..
or partition usin didk mgmt under computer mgmt in control panel..


The Endless Application Data – Symlinks/Directory Junctions

Erase Aol Temporary Files History

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Computer Viruses & Security : How to Delete Web Browser History

Erase Msn Cookies History

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MSN Messenger Keylogger – Keylogging MSN

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Do you have children or young teens in your home? If so, you may wonder what it is that they are chatting about on MSN Messenger while using your computer. It is easy to find this out by using an MSN Messenger keylogger. What can an MSN Messenger keylogger do for you?

An MSN Messenger Keylogger can:

  1. Keep track of all of the contacts who are added or accessed in the MSN Messenger program;

  2. Keep a record of full chat conversations in an easy to review log which you can review at your convenience.

  3. Run silently in the background, undetected by anyone using your computer.

Even if your children or teens are computer smart and can “erase” their tracks by deleting history and cookies as well as chat logs, they will never be able to access the keylogger records to delete those chat logs.

Once a conversation is underway, every single message is saved in a chat log for you. This can be an invaluable tool for any parent, because it is difficult to keep a handle on what children are doing on the computer. With these logs in front of you, you can easily identify which conversations are harmless and which ones you need to be concerned about.

After you have had a chance to review a conversation, if you have any cause for concern, you will have the tools in front of you in order to have a dialogue with your children about their behavior or how they are speaking with people. Call it prevention, not being nosey, and if your children do not like it, they need to be reminded that they live under your rules in your household and if they want to continue to use the computer, they need to follow certain rules.

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