Erase Windows Internet Files

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erase windows internet files
Will changing of Product Key erase all files in the computer?

Just a few days ago, my computer broke down and have it repaired. After repairing, I found that my Windows XP Professional is not genuine. I knew that it was not genuine because I can’t download some programs such as Windows Defender and Internet Explorer 7. However, I still have the sticker (which contains the Product ID for Windows XP Home Edition) pasted on my CPU. I was wondering if this KeyUpdateTool.exe from could really help me to turn my Microsoft Windows XP Professional software to genuine.

Note: My current edition is Windows XP PROFESSIONAL Edition (which has invalid product key). I was wondering if I use the product key (from the sticker) for Windows XP HOME Edition could turn my pirated Windows XP PROFESSIONAL Edition to genuine Windows XP PROFESSIONAL Edition, not to genuine Windows XP Home Edition.

Is this possible?
Oh ya, one more thing. If that is possible, will all my files be erased?

you can,t change the product key cos its xp pro , and xp home . you have to format C: driver and install windows xp home with the key mentioned in the product lable . probbaley all other software aslo you have to install freshlly. whatever data you want to keeep move to other driver before your formating the C: drive

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Erase Yahoo Web Files

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How do I erase files from YAHOO and search web?

Delete cookies.

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Erase Yahoo Cookies History

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Enter your screen name in the search box?

and see what happens. I guess it works on any engine research. I have other screen names and I found a story of things I wrote in the forums, it responds that Yahoo, etc. other things. How do I remove this information? I do not want answers Standard Tools> Internet Options, Clear History, delete files / cookies, etc., etc., etc. I speak in the same way I find places to look for when searching the Web for information about a subject or topic particular. How can I delete this thing?

It's really weird. I'm not sure how to eliminate this kind of thing but I'm very interested to know. I bet if you went to a computer store that would be able to give advice for erasing the information.

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Erase Yahoo Web Browser History

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how can i erase history on web search on my yahoo browser?

is it possible?

To Delete History Click Tools on top of your Internet page>Click Internet Options>Click Delete Browsing History>Click OK

If you’re using Internet Explorer click Tools at the top of your screen, a menu will drop down, click on Internet Options, then click on the Content tab.
Under Personal information, click on the AutoComplete box.
On the AutoComplete Settings window click the Clear Forms box to delete your current history, or you can uncheck the Forms box to permanently stop the generation of the search history. When you are finished remember to click OK.

Another option that works with any browser:
If you just want to clear the searches (and don’t want to stop the generation of the search history) from the search box menu on Yahoo or Google pages, double click the search box, this will make a menu drop down with your searches, put your cursor on what you want to delete to highlight it, hit the delete button on your keyboard. If you want to delete everything just hold the delete button down until everything is deleted.

To clear searches on Yahoo Toolbar, click the pencil icon beside the search box, a menu will drop down, click Clear Recent Searches. If you want to stop saving recent searches, click Toolbar Options and uncheck “Enable recent searches”, or check “Auto-clear recent searches” to clear history when you close your Toolbar

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Erase Windows Computer Data

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erase windows computer data
If I use the start up disks to repair the OS, will it erase any data on my computer?

I have irreplacable pictures and videos on my computer. Will repairing/reinstalling my OS (windows XP) erase any of that data?

Two answers:

If you reinstall Windows, kiss your information goodbye. Chances are you’ll have to do what’s known as a Destructive Recovery in order to fix whatever went wrong.

However…if you insert your Windows Disk, boot up, then enter the setup utility choose the “Repair” option. Now enter:

/chkdsk p

Let the utility run, then enter it again:

/chkdsk p

That should fix any startup error you have and repair the boot sector while also not touching any of your precious files.

Good luck!

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Erase Msn Chat History History

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can somebody tell me how can I erase chatting history on aim an/or msn on your PC?

I also need help with the following:
1) how to detect whether if I have viruses or not
2) If I do have viruses, how can I erase or get rid of the viruses.
3) how can I update my Norton Anti-virus to the newest version.

Much Appreciated.

Norton isn’t the best choice for antivirus. Many tests have shown that it misses a significant number of detections. Still, Norton is better than nothing. You have to purchase the newest version of Norton, or an upgrade from an older version.

There are some good free antivirus options, like AVG, Avast, and Avira. There are also better paid options, like ESET and Kaspersky.

As for your chat history, there should be options within each to delete history. You can also use a free program called CCleaner, which can clean histories and other temporary files from your system.

Erase Yahoo Browser History

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Need help with search browser on internet??

My browser on yahoo or ebay or any other search engine like google, when I search for a word, it brings the list of all the words that I had already search for starting with that letter. I dont want my search engines to save these words. I already tried going to internet options and clearing history but that only clears the addresses but not the words I’ve entered AND I WANT TO ERASE ALL THOSE WORDS. HELP!!!

For google, just go to google options and select the option to not save searches.

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Erase Yahoo Internet Tracks History

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When you are searching on the yahoo search engine,(web search) how do you erase your tracks? it remains there.

When you are searching on the yahoo search engine,(web search) how do you erase your tracks? it remains there. For privicy purpose, like if you type in wwe, next time you go on someone can serch for something and put w and wwe will appear under it. I know how to erase my history under the internet options, but not in yahoo serch thing.

U can delete the history of search bar on ur homepage (whatever it is either Yahoo! or Google) by following this path. Tools> internet options> content> auto complete> clear forms. To stop the generation of history uncheck the box of forms.

To delete address bar history, follow this path. Tools> internet options> general > clear history > set the number of days to zero> ok.

U can delete the search history on ur yahoo toolbar this way. click the arrow in the search box. Select options, click clear history. Follow this path also. Pencil> toolbar options> uncheck the boxes of enable auto complete and enable history> ok.
It will solve ur all search related problems.

Erase Google Auto Fill Files

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Erase Msn Url History

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