How To Clean Computer History

Don't Pay For Any Program That Claims To Erase Your History Until You See This

May 1, 2010 by admin 

Clean Computer History

In order to clean all your computer history you have to manually delete files from 6 different places your computer.

These places are:

Internet browsers history

your computer’s web cache

Your Auto complete history

Your Cookies

and the notorious index.dat

Each one of these captures data and saves it for anyone to view. They save every article read, video watch, image you’ve looked at and every file you may have clicked on.

To manually delete these files, follow these directions.

However, I must warn you, deleting these files manually is a little technical and if you are not good with computers, I don’t recommend you try it.

There is however software that can do this for you. This history eraser software is etremly easy to use and only takes a few clicks to completely delete all your history.

We tested and reviewed the top brands of this software here if you would like to see exactly how it works.

If not, here are the instruction on how to clear you computer history manually.

1. Clear Your Internet Browsers History.

Follow the link and select your browser and follow the direction on how to clear your browser history.
Internet Explorer History
Firefox History

2. Clear your computer’s web catch

Here are the instructions on clearing the Windows web catch

3. Auto complete History
This needs to be cleared in each browser.  Follow the direction for clearing browser history above for that.

Follow these instructions to clear you computer’s Auto complete history

4. Clear your cookies like this

Clear Cookies in Firefox

Clear Cookies in Internet Explorer

5. The Index.dat

the index.dat is slighly more complicated to clean. We have instructions on how to clear you index.dat file for each versions of Windows comming soon.

If you must clear your index.dat file now, we recommend using software
Here is the history eraser software we found to work the best.

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