How to Clear Temporary Folders (temporary files directory)

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April 29, 2009 by admin 

Windows Temporary Folder keeps temporary files of Windows and other programs. If you do not delete the temporary folders in time, it will become cluttered. This folder usually stores the temp files of programs that you have installed, files from programs you no longer have installed, temp files from web pages and files which can violate your privacy.

Where is Temporary Internet Files folder located?

Each and every version of Windows have Temporary Internet Files folder, but the location of this folder may differ from version to version.

If your system is installed with Windows Vista, you can find the Temporary Internet Files Folder in either of in these locations

C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet Files C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesLow

If your system is installed with Windows XP/2000 then you can find Temporary Internet Files Folder in the below location:

C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files

If you are using Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 95 then the Temporary Internet Files Folder will be there in either of the below locations:

C:WindowsTemporary Internet Files or C:WindowsProfilesTemporary Internet Files

Note: The main thing to note is that in your computer the Windows may not be installed in the “C” drive, it may be in some other drive. In this case you have to look at the drive in which the Windows directory exists to find out the Temporary Internet Files Folder.

In most cases, the temporary files are automatically closed and deleted when you quit the Windows session. If you quit Windows in an irregular way such as restarting the Windows or turning off the computer while it was running, the temporary files will not be closed or deleted.

How to erase Windows temporary files Folder manually?

Windows Temporary files are used to store the data of the running programs and these files are stored in the temporary files folder. You can erase the temporary files folder either manually or using some special software. Several software products are now available online to ease the temporary files folder. Most of the temp files got deleted automatically when you exit the program you run. Some of the temporary files created may remain undeleted in the hard disc drive due to the irregular shut down or restart.

Follow the below steps to erase Windows Temporary Files folder, if you are a Windows XP/2000/ME/NT/98/95 or Windows 95 user:

• Open “start” menu on the left bottom of the screen.
• Select “search” on the list which appears.
• Then select “For Files or folders” on the right panel of ‘search’.
• Choose “All files and folders”.
• In the file name filed type “*.tmp” to find out the files with “tmp” extension.
• Click “Search Now”
• Delete all the temporary files that appear in the right panel.

Most of the temporary files have “.tmp” extension and begins with (~). Some temp files come with other extensions instead of “.tmp”. You cannot delete these files easily by searching for “*.tmp”. It is better to delete the temp files by directly entering the temporary files directory or using some other special software available.

Editor’s Comment:

It is no longer necessary to erase your temporary folders history manually.
There is a new type of software that can automatically erase all temporary files for you.
For a list of the ones we’ve found to work the best, be sure to read this article on Internet Erasing Software.

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