Erase Aol Address Bar History

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April 26, 2010 by admin 

Clear Internet Explorer history and get rid of scenes tools

Everyone is uncomfortable to have the boss looking at his shoulder while surfing the Internet. Although this may occur, in theory, it is very possible that your boss to open your file online and a few clicks, find what you were doing in the Internet. In fact, nowadays, surveillance in the workplace is increasing and is based on evidence collected is in these random checks on your computer, you may find yourself generating your boss with sufficient evidence to fire you.

So if you are a person who surfs occasionally, have a chat discreet have created sensitive files and even download software Illegal regularly, so it is necessary to have an Internet Eraser software installed on your computer. This is because if you can erase all your browsing history or empty your cache, are not quite sure. All the information accessible by you is stored in hidden files on the computer. With the help of Internet eraser software, all these problems are solved with deleting your browser history, recent documents list of the computer, Windows temporary files, Windows Explorer history and essentially eliminate all he had done on your computer.

gum to permanently erase Internet programs shreds all your files and folders making it inaccessible to anyone. Even cookies that websites leave on your PC on visiting the sites can be deleted with Internet Eraser software. If you have cookies you want in the computer, you can load the software Internet Eraser does not erase them.

All documents that Windows keeps a file on the computer can be destroyed using software Internet eraser. The internet eraser software also delete all information stored in temporary Internet files in Windows, which include graphics, cookies, chat history online, pictures, video files, or Web pages. Another advantage of the Internet Software gum is that it works well with almost all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, AOL and MSN Explorer. Another useful feature of the program is that you can delete the history of the address bar of Internet Explorer, one by one so that you can keep those URLs you need in your history of the address bar and removes you do not need.

In conclusion, the Internet Eraser software is a useful software you need in your system if you are a user Regular Internet or not. The software is easy to use and keeps your computer clean and safe.

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