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October 8, 2009 by admin 

Is there a way to retrieve chat history from my IMs on a different computer/ location?

I’ve noticed that when I sign onto my AOL Instant messenger from someone else’s computer and I open an Instant message, my chat history has been erased. Is there a way I can retrieve that through AOL or access my AIM logger folder from somebody elses computer?

Actually, There is a program that you can install and get your chat history while on another computer.

I love this program and I have 3 computers in the house. just have to choose update and it gets all the conversations that I have had.

The website is called Dexrex

Yahoo Messenger Blog – I noticed had an article to share. Gives you a little more insite- BUT I TRULY LOVE IT. What is nice is that You can have your friends – share the chat sessions with you – if they put this on computer. If you need to delete the archives are safe

I use it a lot….here is an example of the “summary” of conversations – It’s amazing how fast you see the message counts add up

just try it! if you need help message me-OK
I can run thru the setup

PS in order to record conversations, the DEXREX console must be open and they will record as they are done.

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