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December 22, 2009 by admin 

Tired of Waiting for Programs to Start? Pc is Slow? Could be your Registries

We all know how important a windows registry is, as every operating system and application libraries are linked to it for a safer and smoother user experience. Windows are designed in a way to store every application’s reference links inside registry. Can you image what would happen if this registry is corrupted? The answer is simple: your computer will not work any more.

How nice it would be to maintain your computer’s windows registry with perfect and reliable registry cleaner software. If you don’t know one then here is the popular one CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner. This software is very easy to install and immediately on the first time of its launch on the local computer, allows the user to take an instant backup of the current registry. This is very important as for some reason if you have manually deleted a good part of registry you can reboot the computer in the safe mode and can restore the registry information.

To backup the registry simply click on the “Backup Windows Registry” button and the computer will take around 2 minutes to store the backup file in user’s specified location on the local hard drive. The next thing that you can do is to select the “Scan & Clean” option from the let Navigational panel. This will allow the application to scan through the registry for File Extensions, Application paths, Registry Integrity, Com/ActiveX entries, Uninstall Entries, Font Entries, Shared DLLs, Help Files Information, Windows Startup Items, History List and finally a File/Path Reference (only for advanced user).

I was amazed at the fact the there were more than 400 errors reported by the registry cleaner on my windows XP machine and which were fixed in a single click on the “Fix selected problems” button. It only repaired 10 problems as I was running a trial version of the software before. I did not waste any time and immediately purchased the original version and rescan my system registry and got every error fixed after which my computer rebooted. Once it came back online it was much faster and applications were opening instantly which used to give me a 30 – 40 seconds delay previously. My computer boot-up time was reduced to 1-2 minute from 5-7 minutes. This was simply awesome.

Quite often applications are installed and un-installed causing several thousands of referencing keys to be created and removed leaving gaps making the registry size to become considerably large. You can now use the “Defrag Registry” option which will reduce the registry size to a lot smaller to your surprise. Apart from that the “Startup organizer” allows a user to look at the startup items running on your computer which can play a significant role in downgrading your computer’s performance. Uncheck those items which you don’t want to initialize and start with a computer startup.

Finally an awesome “Privacy Eraser” option allows the user to kill every major browser’s (like IE, Firefox, AOL, MSN, Opera) cache, cookies, off line files, URL history, saved user name and password and index.dat file used by Internet Explorer, to save up on disk space. You can also clear a lot of windows and Office based cache and temporary files as well. The list is so big that it would always be better to get this software and keep your system healthy.

Go get this one now!

Computer Viruses & Security : Delete the History on AOL

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