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How to Clear Internet History

Your browser saves browsing histories and stores quite a few temporary files on your computer’s hard drive as you surf the Internet. You should clear your Internet history after each browsing session to safeguard your privacy as well as your Internet browsing habits.

Before we start talking about how to clear Internet history from your computer, you would do well to know about browsing histories and temporary files in brief. Browsing histories are the tracks of those web pages where you have landed during your online session. Temporary files on the other hand consist of cache files.

Though no harm will be done if you don’t clear Internet history, these browsing histories as well as temporary files will make it easy for anyone using the same computer to access your browsing history and know what sites you have visited during your browsing session. Moreover, these browsing histories and files occupy a reasonable amount of space on your computer’s drive. So, it is better to clear Internet history.

If you are wondering how to clear Internet history, the following steps will guide you:

For Internet Explorer:

After selecting “Internet Options†from the Tools menu, click on the “General†tab. You will find that a window marked Internet Options opens up. If you want to clear cached files, choose the Browsing section’s “Delete†button. A window will appear where you will come across quite a few sections like Form Data, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, Passwords and History. To erase selected files, search for the corresponding buttons in this section and click on them. However, to clear your Internet history entirely by means of a single click, click the “Clear History†or “Delete All†key. You will find this key at the lower segment of your browser window.

For Firefox:

Clearing your Internet history is a walkover if you use Mozilla Firefox. To begin with, click “Tools†to find a drop down box from where you have to select the tab marked “Clear Private Dataâ€. The window that opens next will have different sections that are named as Search History, Cookies, Saved Passwords, Browsing History and Saved Form. Check the matching boxes from this part for deleting selected items. On the other hand, if you desire to clear your entire Internet history, click the button having “Clear Private Data Now†written on it.

For AOL (America Online):

Trace the “Settings†button at first. You will find this button on the top segment of your AOL browser window. Once you find it, click on it and then select the button marked “Preferencesâ€. Your next step is to choose “toolbar and sounds” tab and click the “clear history trail now†button to clear your Internet history.

Apart from the steps that are talked about till now, you also need to erase third party applications (if any) from your computer. If you don’t do this, your job will remain half done as the passwords, text, images and other sensitive statistics stored by these applications in your computer’s hard drive will allow anyone to know what your browsing habits are. You can clear such third party applications by using some software as it is not an easy task to locate and erase these files by hand.

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