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How to How To Erase Cookies in Firefox

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that websites write and store on your computer in the form of text. Certain websites search for its cookies in your hard disk drive when ever you visit those websites. These websites use the cookies as a source to find out your shopping favorites, your name and all other important information regarding you. All browsers stores the cookies in the file name “cookie.txt” and all the browsers send back the cookies stored in the system when you revisit the website. Information such as the number of visit to a particular website, how long you took to visit throughout the website, your login information and some important information regarding your computer can be retrieved from the cookies stored in your computer.

Where the cookies are stored?

Cookies are often stored in the user hard disk drive. The files name in which cookies are stored in the computer changes according to the operating system used. If you use Windows Operating Systems, you can see cookies stored in text format.

Are there different kinds of cookies?

There are two different kinds of cookies available, temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are those which are stored in the system while you use a website or program and automatically get deleted immediately once you close the application. Also known as persistent cookies, permanent cookies are stored in your hard disk drive permanently.

Where you can see the cookies?

Location of the cookies may change based on the operating system used. In Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 95, you can see cookies in either of the locations mentioned below:

i) C:WindowsCookies
ii) C:WindowsProfilesCookies

If you are a Windows XP or Windows 2000 user, you can see cookies in C:Documents and SettingsCookies.

How To Erase Cookies in Firefox

Clear Cookies in Firefox 2.0

• Select “Tools” from the top of the browser.
• Select “Options” from the list.
• Select “Privacy” tab.
• Click “Clear Now” button on the private area.
• In “Clear Private Data” window put the check mark on the corresponding check box to “Cookies”
• Click “Clear Private Data Now” button.
• Click “OK” to go forward.

Clear Cookies in Firefox 1x

• Select “Tools” from the top of the browser.
• Select “Options” from the list.
• Select “Privacy” tab.
• Open “Cookies” tab.
• Click “Clear Cookies Now” button.
• Click “ok” to proceed.

How to disable cookies in Firefox?

Disable cookies in Firefox 2.0

• Select “Tools” from the top of the browser
• Choose “Options”
• Choose “Privacy” tab”
• Remove the check mark on the check box corresponding to the “Accept cookies” field
• Click “ok” to proceed.

Disable cookies in Firefox 1.x

• Select “Tools” from the top of the browser
• Choose “Options”
• Choose “Privacy” tab”
• Select the view cookies in the “Cookies” area
• Remove the check mark on the check box corresponding to the “Allow sites to set cookies”.
• Click “ok” to continue.

Editor’s Note:

If manually erasing cookies is not your cup of tea. We recommend using software that automatically does this for you.  With this software you can automatically erase all your internet history with a few clicks of the mouse. Click to see which internet history eraser works best.

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