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December 30, 2009 by admin 

I'm dying PLZ HELP Help inetrnet 10 pts?

Ok, I keep seeing the same problem with my internet not working, I Firefox has been downloaded a virus check with McAfee does not find anything that I'm connected to full Internet access, but whenever I open my site, I get a message saying that the Internet is no longer operating or open, but when I go to a website is closed in itself, with no message pertends error or goes, but it takes a while to load, but still does not anythong I was looking more add-ons little thing that I did not work to delete cookies temporary files and history, but has yet to work im really worried please someone kindly help me, I'm worried about my laptop is not even a year since I can not even download programs that help so I wrote this often ….='( from another computer please help

Do not worry, it's just one or two things you can do to start, why fire? you need for Safari browser is the best and no problem at all. Second, uninstall Firefox, reboot. if your using IE and still do, write a check for malware, I had the same problem, and Happy to be malicious, you can download a free really well. Once done, download Safari. And it has been established, not the computer, ice cream, if still has probs, Hit Me Up YMesenger happy to help ~ ~ ~ but first get

CCleaner – Remove unwanted junk from your computer

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