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August 9, 2009 by admin 

how can i get rid of this stupid spyware/hijacker(unknown trojan) site!!!!!!please help?

no matter what site im on,this stupid window pops up and says that my computer browser was hijacked and it will go away when i click cancel,but if i click okay it tries to download this spyware after a million times of this popping up i finally just downloaded it only to find out that i have to purchase it to get rid of the “malware” problem.its pissing me off!i can be on yahoo,google,myspace.whatever page it pops up please help.i removed the downloaded program a week ago and even restored all my default computer settings,erased all my browsing history and its still there!

I downloaded Spyware detector. it honestly solved those popups, and my pc is faster.

load the demo and see the results

here is a review on the product

how to delete Browser history in Google Crome UPDATED

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