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December 28, 2009 by admin 

erase google catch history
what do you think your child does over the internet?

Hi guys, i watch porn, not every day, but i try to watch it non-stop, i know 10, and 9 year old people that watch porn…parents try to hide about it, and not tell them, but trust me, they already know… some parents ask, do you know what sex is? there child goes, no… do you actually believe that, am only 13 and watch porn, your child may be watching porn too, like me, i do it all the time, i just love watching it, its just… so good i cant explain, its the best thing you can ever do, i dont wanna tell my parents i do it, i dont know what theyll do, maybe never let me go on the internet, one day he caught me, all he said was to take it off, then made jokes about it, is it wrong for a child 13 years old or less, to watch porn, and never tell there parents? i mean, even if youre sure that your child doesnt watch porn, i bet he is, i mean, its easy, u can erase the sites you go too, and google history, so what you guys think about this? wrong? not sure? should i tell? should i stop?

My son is 13, and no, he does not watch porn because (1) he can only use the computer out in the living room with other people present, and (2) he has better morals than that. He’s too smart to do something so dumb.

How To Delete Browsing Data/History – In Google Chrome

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