Erase Google Computer History

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July 25, 2009 by admin 

erase google computer history
How to erase search histor on the computer.?

I have a hp computer with vista and I want to know how to erase the serach history on my computer on my search engine (google) and in the space where you put the web-site adress. Could anyone plz give me the step by steps on how to proceed? Thanks.
Thanks to you both. Go8p, what you’ve put helped me erase the immediate history and Turtle, you’ve helped me for the long term! I want to give you both 10pts! I’ll wait one more day so people can vote on who has the best answer. If it’s still a draw….I guess I’ll just have to flip a coin! :)

You need to erase the internet cache.
If you are using firefox then: Tools -> Clear Private Data -> (check all items) -> Clear Private Data Now
IE: Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Files | Cookies | Clear History

You could also do a clean wipe of everything by using ccleaner (its free). Download link below.

How to look and delete web browsing history

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