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May 15, 2009 by admin 

erase google internet files
Internet + Computer extremely slow?

I use a wireless connection as well as ethernet in some places. I own a Toshiba Satellite with windows 7. Usually, when i play my Playstation 3 on Fridays, around the 6:30 time my connection bars go from 4 to 1. And the lag makes you want to scream. With my computer, when I want to go to a website on IE8, I cannot because my computer takes so long loading the page. And when i DO get to the websites, the advertisements don’t even load! When I use Google Chrome, the loading takes so long that it brings me to the Google because it thinks that the website doesn’t exist. When I use Mozilla Firefox is just plain doesn’t work. Please give me some advice. Note that I used to download a lot of software because i hacked my iPod, PSP etc. But I erased all the files.

Please give me some advice, in english please.

It’s hard to follow what you’re asking. Are you saying that your laptop’s wireless signal drops from 4 bars to 1 when you turn on your PS3? If this is it, your hacking on the PS3 may have left the electronic shielding open/off/damaged and it might be causing interference in the WiFi (wireless) range. This may cause interference to other devices as well, including your neighbors’ and is not recommended. What happens if you plug in with the Ethernet cable?

Otherwise, you may want to re-state your question. Good luck!

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