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February 10, 2010 by admin 

Do other search engines besides google store information on the internet?

Every account you make or I guess history that can pop up when you search it somewhere, would that stay somewhere in the internet even if you delete you account/profile?

Like if you contacted Google to remove it from their history, will it be erased completely on the internet?

Well I did ask the websites customer support and they said that google will remove them when they realize it no longer exists , which could take up to days , weeks , months, or even years.

But do any other search engine website like Google keep track of all the history?

and please still answer my first few questions.

Some keep considerably more information than Google. The purpose of Google is to find stuff currently on the internet. The website is designed for researching the history of the internet and they don’t delete information no matter how old. They aren’t nearly as complete as Google, but they will show you stuff that’s long since been deleted.

I’ve used it as part of legal practice several times. Just because a defendant takes something off their website doesn’t mean it’s gone.

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