Erase Google Pc Files

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November 17, 2009 by admin 

erase google pc files
Help with getting my pc to start?

Dude,the most fucked up thing happened to my pc.I open an email from an unknown person(YAH I KNO,STUPID)i then got a virus,so i ran my virus scan imediatly and it picked up the virus.After which im usually told that i should restart my pc by my anti virus program,which i did!Then when i tried to restart it im getting a screen that says some system32/files/some shit crap!
It said that something(idk what)in my pc got corrupted or erased and thats why it doesn’t want to start!It also said that if i have the windows installation cs to use it.I did…but idk the product key lol.Any help on this?

BTW,i google’d my problem with the product key thing and it said that i should put the cd into a working computer then i should go to some notepad text document in the cd and i should find the product key info.I found it but when i tried to input it it says that its invalid

USING THE WINDOWS REPAIR CONSOLE (works for both XP and Vista)

Put your XP disk into your CD drive and restart your system. This will start the XP installation process. When you come to the screen that asks if you want to install XP or if you would like to “Repair” XP, choose Repair. This will open the repair console command prompt. At the prompt, type: chkdsk /r. (There is a space between the k and the /. Now hit “Enter”. The repair should now start. Allow it to run until it stops. This can take some time, so be patient.

If all goes well, XP will replace or repair any and all missing operating system files.

Note 1: Before attempting the above, you must first enter the BIOS to make sure that the boot sequence is set so that the CD drive boots before the hard drive.

Note 2: If you do not have an XP installation CD, you can borrow one for this operation, just be sure it is the same version (Home or Pre) that you are running. Since you are “Repairing” Windows and not “installing” it, you will not be required to supply an installation KEY.

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