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erase google web history

Erase History of Websites Visited

If you want to maintain your privacy that’s related to your Internet browsing habits, you should erase history of websites visited from the browser that you have used for web surfing. Erasing your Internet browser history becomes all the more important when you are using a shared computer. This is because not erasing history of websites visited will help others to know and keep an eye on what you are doing in the online world. So, in order to wipe off your personal information or passwords that are saved in that particular browser by mistake, you should erase history of websites visited.

Though the fundamental steps to erase such history are identical, there can be minor variations from browser to browser. Many people consider Firefox to be the best web browser that offers the most useful answer to erase history of websites visited and guard your Internet privacy.

To erase your Internet browsing history while using Firefox, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Tools†and notice the drop down box.
  2. Select the option of “Clear Private Data†which will either erase or delete all your private facts as well as passwords from the computer.
  3. If any “extensions†and “toolbars†that are offered by a third-party are installed like the Google toolbar, Yahoo search bar etc, remove them one by one or else your browsing history will be stored by them.

If you want to go for Internet Explorer 7, you can erase history of websites visited by means of these methods:

  1. Click on “Toolsâ€, see a drop down box that opens and select “Internet Options†from there.
  2. When a box opens, search for the “General†tab; Click on it and next select the button that says “Delete†in browsing history.
  3. The “Delete Browsing History†window will open. After that, choose “Delete All†to do away with all traces of the history of websites that you have visited.
  4. You will need to give a final confirmation before the internet browsing history is deleted .
  5. You will find a box that reads: “Also Delete files and settings stored by add-ons.†Check it and then click on the “Yes†button.
  6. Last of all, click the OK button in “Internet Options†window.
  7. If your browser is set up with a few third-party “extensions” or “toolbars”, erase them independently as these third-party installations keep histories of you browsing habits. So, if you continue to have them installed, someone can have the opportunity to know about your Internet browser history even when you have completed all the other steps listed above.

To erase history of websites visited while using your AOL (America Online) browser, you can go with the following techniques:

  1. At the top fragment of the AOL window, find the “settings†button.
  2. Click on it and choose “preferences†next.
  3. Choose “toolbar and sounds” and then click on the button that says “clear history trail nowâ€. This will clear your Internet browsing history that was stored with AOL (America Online).

So, follow these steps to have a happy browsing experience without the fear of other people disturbing your privacy by knowing about your browsing habits.

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