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March 20, 2009 by admin 

The essential public services to protect your privacy

Did you know that the history of all visited websites are recorded in secret archives hidden in your PC. The computer and the Internet has made the search and retrieval of information in a simple procedure that all it takes is knowledge of using computers and the Internet. With this knowledge, you can surf the Internet looking for any information which is required by you for your work.

However, all this browsing can cause sites you visit are recorded in secret files on the PC. In addition to all his films, documents and clippings are stored in secret files on the hard drive of your computer, there is also the possibility of information who are not aware of being downloaded to the computer. This can sometimes be very demanding on you if unauthorized information is downloaded to the computer.

So the best I could do to provide some protection and security of this happening is to install Some programs are available online. The software is an Internet Eraser Internet Eraser, Privacy Protector and software program System Optimizer, which helps protect your computer by erasing all the tracks. With the software eraser internet, you can delete history browser, porn files eraser, eraser, address bar and more. By downloading the software, you can scan your computer for free. And how imaging equipment, is sure to get shocked by the number of files, images and content on your PC to your knowledge.

With Internet Eraser support, you can scan your computer for porn related tracks and popular browsers can be eliminated with a simple click. Software Internet Eraser allows you to remove banners and images that may download secretly on the PC, enabling you to clean your computer of these unnecessary downloads. Software Internet project also helps to eliminate all Internet Explorer history files one by one, instead of delete all files at once. This way you can keep the sites you need and remove sites you do not really need to your computer. Most Internet Eraser Software supports not only Internet Explorer, but also Opera, Netscape and Firefox.

Internet eraser software also allows you to delete the history of the IE address bar, one by one. The reason this feature is useful because sometimes you do not delete history addresses all bar one time. It may be necessary to keep the URLs visited the address book for quick access and the URL will be useless eliminated.

It is also possible to remove all IE cookies on your computer, one by one, with the use of Internet software gum. Cookies are in the computer are essentially the files that can track your personal information and all the activities you do on Web. Not all cookies are bad, there are witnesses who are good. Therefore, it is up to you to delete only the cookies you do not need and to keep the cookies you need not only in IE, but Firefox, Opera and Netscape.

Therefore, it can be seen that the software is software eraser to erase all the consumer Internet regular Internet users should have downloaded to your computer.

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