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April 20, 2010 by admin 

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The Internet has brought many advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can do much work sitting in the comfort of your home, without having to roam from office to office. Insurance, finance, product sales, further education, playing in casinos and many other things can be done at home with the help of the Internet. However, although there are many advantages the Internet poses numerous disadvantages too.

The main disadvantage of the Internet is that sites that you visit while browsing the Internet tend to be downloaded secret files from the computer. With this, without really knowing about it is possible that some illicit images and information stored on your computer. unauthorized persons can access the information is not in the eye.

There is a remedy this problem, make a point to download the software in the computer that protects your privacy, professional, family and business. With Using this Internet Eraser software on the computer, you can be sure that unwanted images and information not recorded or stored on your computer. Besides all this, the software allows Internet eraser to delete unwanted files permanently with the help of his role destructive. The reason why the files have been shredded with this eraser internet software does not delete files. There are online tools that can recover deleted files.

This software also allows Internet Eraser delete Google search history and search history, toolbar Yahoo. It also helps to erase the history of the search bar in the browser, thus, the sites were visited are not accessible to others.

For users with very large files can not know much about a secret file that is stored on the computer named index.dat files, these files store and record all your internet browsing history, which is more frustrating is that these files are hidden and his whereabouts are unknown and are difficult to remove manually. With the help of Internet eraser software, you can delete the contents of these files to protect Your privacy and security.

When you surf the Internet, each URL you visit is stored in a cache folder. So when you want delete the cache folder computer can easily be done through the internet eraser software. Many people tend to erase the history tracks erase visited sites history browser. However, in doing so, hidden files, and can be removed by the use of Internet software eraser. Software Internet Eraser erases all information is encrypted on your computer through Internet surfing.

How do I clear my Toolbar’s search history?

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