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January 12, 2010 by admin 

Is your Online Surfing History Being Protected?

The Internet provides vast array of information on health, subject legal matters, geography, biography, world history, music and entertainment and much more. When surfing the Internet, you never actually know when secret files are created in the computer storing illegal and illicit photos and information. In fact, you can and will be blamed for wrong deeds with the existence of pictures of these types hidden in the computer. So it is better to get rid of all this information that you may gain through the Internet with the help of Internet eraser software.

The Internet eraser software is such a great software program that should be installed in all computers. It is much more required and needed in a computer where the user tends to use the Internet a lot, with a lot of surfing. When you surf the Internet, you gain access to all sorts of information you may ever need, or knew of existing in the world.

With the help and presence of the Internet eraser software in the computer, it is possible to delete any file permanently with the help of the shredder feature found in the Internet eraser software. This Internet cleaner software manages to retrieve files to be deleted with the help of readily available tools embedded in the software.

The Internet eraser software helps you to clear the complete search history of the computer for all and any history of Google, Yahoo and MSN. It is also possible to clear the browser search bar history with the help of the Internet eraser software. Being such a useful and important software, the Internet eraser software usually comes along with a password protection. With this, the Internet eraser software cannot fall in the hands of the wrong people.

With the presence of Internet eraser software in the computer, it is possible to have the computer scanned for porn related tracks. Some porn addicts have a habit of visiting porn sties rather frequently. There is a possibility of unwanted pictures falling in the hands of wrong people. This can be prevented by the Internet eraser software.

There are many different types of Internet eraser software available in the Internet. It is all up to you to choose the Internet eraser software you would like to have installed in your computer. With the right Internet eraser software installed in your PC, you are sure of the safety of your computer.

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