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August 18, 2009 by admin 

how do i delete all my history on my laptop?

i am home alone today, i have no school. i got in trouble like a couple days ago, and im not supposed to use my lappy, but i am anyways. my parents are at work and im home alone all day by myself. i have talked to a couple friends on msn, and surfed the net a bit. i want to know if there is something i can do that will delete my msn history, browsing history and if the computer keeps track of when it was turned on. if it does, is there a way to access this ?and is it easy to get to. basically im asking if i could erase my trail, as if i haad never touched the computer. i know there will be some people that will say well you shouldnt have gone on in the first place and you wouldnt have this problem, but its pretty boring around here.anyways if you have some suggestions, please comment :) thank you very much.

and yes i know i shouldnt have gone on here, but 8 hours home alone with no internet is realllllly boring.

LOL open internet explorer click on tools – internet options and in browsing history click delete you want to delete cookies history and temp files. this will do it.

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