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February 28, 2010 by admin 

Msn worm.. is it the end for me?

Yup, apparently.

I was stupid and clicked on it knowing it was a virus going on.. i didint know it was the virus itsefl ,i just thought it was a picture because my cousin sent it to me in the middle of talking. it had my email, so i just thought.. hmm i wanna see:) and then… BAM! fucking trojan worm of the friggish evil egomaniac nerds has gone into my pc. I waited for my dad to come from work, since he knows all about it and he just sais..

oh, you’re screwed.

thanks for that daddy, huh. I DONT WANT TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING. i already ”deleted” the worm from my security center.. erased my documents and received files folders.. what else, um, i didnt want to reboot my computer or reinstall my msn since i want to know if there is another way that doesnt have to do that first.
i still have the damn worm in my msn.
other people rebooted their whole pc and the worm, its.. its still there!

any help? please, be my aid

Ya you really need to have malware protection I would get AVG to remove the virus. Google AVG and download the free version and then run a full computer scan. I just have have one question, Trojan Worm? I think your thinking about a Trojan horse or a worm. Trojans are easier to find and get rid of then a worm

How to remove the latest msn virus (sending links when offline)

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