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What is URL history?

When you surf through the internet, Firefox records all the details about the websites you visit. Firefox stores all the web addresses you type in the address bar and make a list of websites you visited throughout your surfing. If you are a person who likes to keep your surfing habits secret, it is not good to keep web addresses stored in the browser. You must clean the URL History before leaving the computer, if you really want to keep your browsing history secret. Otherwise, each and every visitors can access the websites you visited by simply clicking the down arrow on the top right position of the address bar. If you use a public computer in an internet café or any other institution, others who have access to your computer can easily access the websites you visited in the previous session. The websites you visit will appear in a dropdown list when others users type URL in the address bar. It is recommended to erase the url history before leaving the computer to keep your browsing history private. You can erase url history either manually or using any other URL History erasing software available in the market.

How to erase Firefox url history manually?

How to remove URL History in Firefox 2.0 Manually:

  • Choose “tools” menu which is on the top of Firefox browser.
  • Select “options” tab from the bottom of the dropdown list appear.
  • Select “privacy” tab on the newly appeared “options” window.
  • Click “clear now” button on the private area.
  • A new window named “clear private data” appears, put check mark on the check box corresponding to “browsing history”.
  • Click “clear private data now” button.
  • Click “ok” to proceed.

How to remove URL History in Firefox 1.5 Manually:

  • Choose “tools” menu which is on the top of Firefox browser.
  • Select “options” tab from the bottom of the dropdown list appear.
  • Select “privacy” tab on the newly appeared “options” window.
  • Open the “history” tab on the same window.
  • Click “clear browsing history now” button.
  • Click “ok” to go forward.

Erasing URL History is not fully effective to keep your data private. Others can easily access your surfing history by accessing the index.dat file. All the information regarding the websites you visit during the browsing session is stored in this file.

How to remove index.dat file in Firefox?

Index.dat file records all your activities during your browsing session. Others who have access to your computer can easily retrieve your browsing habits from the index.dat file. It is not possible to manually remove this file because this file is always used by the operating system. Erasing the browser history, cache and cookies is not effective to keep your surfing habit private because all the contents are stored in the index.dat file. Several special software products are now available to erase the contents in index.dat file. It is recommended to seek the help of one of those software products to keep your surfing history always private.

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