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February 23, 2010 by admin 

Why cookies, temporary files and browsing history IntrNet delayed after restarting the computer?

Hello! I need ur advice! Help Pls. / / No matter what I try I can solve my problem with Internet Explorer 7! After each restart of the computer Temporary Internet files, history navigation Cooke and removes all! Whyyyy? How can I solve this problem? I have Windows XP Professional system SP-2 (2003 years) and IntrNet Explorer toolbar and Yahoo (the Yahoo toolbar is not the last but the previous versuon + Int Exporer 7 is supplied by Yahoo), we explore I clicked Tools, then Internet Options, then the parameter "files and delete Cooke internet browsing history, but to show the adjustments that all things should be deleted automatically stored for 20 days. But not all are deleted after 20 days, but immediately after each reboot! Whyyy? What's this?

should be put in place to remove everything when the browser closes. Tools> Internet Options> Advanced tab and scroll down to UN-box. Empty Temporary Internet Files when browser is closed> apply to> see if that solves. …

Windows 7: How to delete Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Form data, Passwords.

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