Erase Windows Application Files

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February 9, 2009 by admin 

erase windows application files
Where can I obtain the Windows XP Format utility? A virus?

has prevented my system from running the Command prompt

It tells me that “another application is using the file”.

I tried run> command ,nothing happens
I even downloaded command prompt programs

They open,but display a blank black screen

I need to erase everything on my Partitioned hard drive

There are two copies of Windows XP
I do not want to install windows over only one copy>

My laptop does not have a Floppy ,to run the boot disk

System restore does not work,yes the service is enabled.

Thank You

What exactly do you want to do?

Start from scratch? If so, obtain the xp cd, follow the prompts, delete all your partitions, recreate if desired and install.

For command prompt, it is Start > Run > Type cmd > Then enter

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