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January 7, 2009 by admin 

Regain Your Privacy With Webroot Window Washer

Are you concerned about what is left on your computer after you’ve been on the internet?

I know I am.

Even if, like me, you are not doing anything questionable online you will probably want to guard your privacy.

Fortunately, you can do something about that with Webroot’s Window Washer.

Window Washer wipes away all traces of what you have been using your PC for, including not only your browsing history, but also any files you may have deleted that could still be lurking somewhere on your hard drive.

In fact, Window Washer can do the following for you -

  • clear your Internet history, address bar and cache
  • delete selected cookies that have been saved by your browser
  • overwrite deleted files on your hard drive
  • help you avoid deleting important files
  • schedule washes in advance
  • clear up unused disk space to ensure faster, smoother PC operation
  • securely erase a whole hard drive

    If you value your privacy then you should know that all sorts of information is collected whenever you surf the internet –

    • a history of all the sites you have visited within a certain timeframe
    • the web addresses that you have typed into the search bar
    • session cookies that can contain more information than you may realise
    • a log of any chats you may have had on your instant messaging client

      Luckily, Window Washer is able to safely remove all of the above so that no trace of your online activity will remain.

      A handy side effect of this washing is that it will clear unneeded information from your system which could potentially make your PC quicker.

      Of course you could go too far when purging files on your computer and end up deleting something that is critical to the correct running of your PC.

      Window Washer provides a level of protection to ensure that you can remove information that could compromise your privacy whilst leaving your important system files intact.

      When it comes to cookies you may find that some are actually useful – they can store passwords and other login information for sites that you visit frequently.

      If you use Window Washer to remove cookies you can do so selectively, keeping the ones you know that are of use to you.

      Window Washer is also good when it comes to deleting information from your hard drive.

      If you delete files through your operating system they will remain on your hard drive until they are overwritten with new data at a later point in time.

      Window Washer will actually overwrite the files you delete with random information, thus ensuring that they are immediately rendered unreadable should someone gain access to your hard drive.

      Once installed, Window Washer can be configured to run in the background, washing at times you define, such as when you first turn your PC on, or when you switch it off.

      Most computer users should be able to run Webroot’s Window Washer as the minimum system requirements are quite low –

      • Windows 98 SE/2000/Me/XP
      • 266 MHz CPU
      • 5 MB hard drive space
      • 64 MB RAM

      Window Washer is just one of many security products available from Webroot.

      Visit my internet security site to learn more about Webroot Antivirus and Internet Security.

      Computer & Internet Tips : Clearing the Browser Address Bar

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