Erase Windows Browser Files

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May 15, 2010 by admin 

erase windows browser files
how to fix registry modifications done by a messenger virus-thing?

i wanted to help a friend get rid of a messenger virus(or what it is) that keept sending mass messages for a month or so so i took it and managed to fix the mass sending and stuff but then i found out that it erased some of my browsers and changed and stuck my homepage but that was not so alarming … then i saw that i have no more run button in the start menu and task manager was no more and regedit dissapered and also .reg files ar not recognised by my computer and i can’t change file options like show extention or show hidden(witch were on before) … and i think that’s all but who knows what i’ll run in to next … anybody know how to fix this(without anything of what i sayd) or do i have to reinstall windows again?
note: i already removed the virus and cleaned the registry and everithing but that didn’t get the run button and taskmanager or .reg file and regedit dosen’t work

it has a simple fix. run system file checker

Shortcut to Windows Explorer and How To Delete Temp Files

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