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Clear Computer History


Many PC users believe that if they clear their computer history and close their browser, the trails of whatever sites they have surfed will disappear forever. However, this is not always true. In fact, a lot of such information stays back on the hard-drives. Unless we know the exact location where such information lay hidden, they could stay in the system and may act as a potential threat to our privacy by disclosing the browsing habits. Just imagine what will happen if your spouse, boss, kids or a friend becomes curious to know what you have been doing online, the websites that you have visited, the music that you have listened to or the movies that you have watched. It will not be hard for all these people to use some software or dig out the required information manually from your PC.

To protect your online browsing habits from falling into the wrong hands or to prevent your privacy from being compromised, you should clear computer history. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can view your browsing history by selecting “Tools” menu followed by choosing the tab marked “Internet Options”. Next, click the button labeled “Settings” and click the “View Files” button after that.

Web surfers using Microsoft Internet Explorer can clear computer history by following these steps:

  • IE 6 and 7 users can delete their history files by choosing the “Tools” menu, “Internet Options”, and then selecting the “Delete” or “Delete Files” button. Web surfers can also click the “Advanced” tab, go to the “Security” section and check the tab marked “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed” to erase their computer history.
  • Web surfers using IE 4 on an Apple Macintosh can clear computer history by clicking these tabs in succession-”Hard Drive” icon, “System”, ”Preferences” and “Explorer”. Finally, they should move the history file into the trash folder.
  • Web surfers using IE 3 can delete their browsing history by selecting the “View” menu, going to “Options” from there, open the tab marked “Advanced”, click the “Settings” tab, and then finally select the “Empty Folder” button.


Mozilla Firefox users can clear computer history by clicking in succession the following: “Tools” menu, “Options” tab, the “Privacy” button, and then click the “Clear Now” or “Clear” button listed under “History” tab. Alternatively, these users can also press three keys marked Ctrl, Shift and Delete so that the Clear Data Window opens. From there, they can check the relevant boxes to clear some specific browsing history or delete the saved Internet history totally.

For Netscape users, history files can be deleted by clicking the menu marked “Edit” and then selecting “Preferences”, “History”, and finally clicking the “Clear History” button.

Opera users can clear computer history by clicking the “File” menu at first and then selecting “Preferences” and “History” in succession. After that, the button marked “Empty now” should be clicked. In addition to this, Opera users can also check “Empty on exit” if they want their browsing history to be deleted every time they exit their browser.


Lesson08.Delete Browser History And Cookies

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