How To Erase Windows Clipboard Data

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April 15, 2009 by admin 

Clipboard is a feature of Windows which can be used as a temporary storage area. Using clipboard you can copy information such as files, graphics, text, video and sound from one program or location and can paste the same to another file or location. You can’t copy any number of information at a time. This feature can hold only one information at a time. When you copy files, graphics, text, video or sound to clipboard, it automatically replaces whatever exists in the clipboard.

Why you should Erase Clipboard Data?

As all of us know, clipboard is the area where we can store information to carry information from one place to another. To move files, graphics, text, video or sound to the clipboard, you have select the thing you want to copy and then use cut/copy comment. The information will be store in the clipboard till you use paste the information to a new location. This feature is available in almost all versions of Windows operating systems.

Most of us depends copy/paste commands when we use passwords, logins, credit card numbers and any other information which is secured. The main problem is that any one who has access to the computer can easily see the clipboard information. So, it is recommended to clear the clipboard information before leaving the computer. You can either remove the clipboard information manually or using special software. Nowadays, lot of software products are available online which can remove the clipboard data and keep your sensitive data safe.

How to Erase Clipboard Data?

Most of us depend on the copy/paste commands while we work on computer, especially when we type passwords, logins, credit card numbers and other personal information which need at most care. Clipboard feature always holds the last saved information and any user who has access to the computer can access the clipboard and take the content in the clipboards, if you do not clear the clipboard data before leaving the computer. This is definitely a problem for people who are using a public computer such as in a cyber café or any other public facilities for the purpose surfing. Any one can easily access the last saved information in the clipboard. So, it is highly recommended to clean the clipboard data before leaving the computer.

You can erase information on the clipboard either manually or using any special software which can remove the clipboard data. There are several advanced software products available online which can permanently remove clipboard data. You can manually clear clipboard data by pasting with Ctrl+V and/or Shift+Ins’. By this way you can completely remove any information that is stored in clipboard. It is highly recommended to remove the clipboard data before leaving the computer to keep your personal information safe. If you do not erase the clipboard data, it will affect your privacy and security. Other users who have access to the computer can easily retrieve your personal information such as username, password, credit card information etc which you want to keep private. So clear the clipboard information always before leaving the computer for being safe always.

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