Erase Windows Computer History

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December 31, 2009 by admin 

erase windows computer history
How do you see the what someone else was looking at on your computer after they just pushed delete history?

I have Windows Vista and Internet Explorer for my browser. I have someone that needs to know how to look at the sites her husband was looking at even though he just simply erased the history?

Please teach me so I can pass the info on.
I know its not gone for good. I just dont know how to find it using windows vista. I know someone said search for the index.dat file. But where do I search?

I used to use the search and just have it search any files accessed in the last few days. That way it would show me cookies that websites leave behind. You can go into the temporary internet files and see the cache that visited websites leave behind. Be careful to jump to conclusions though, because sometimes they leave stuff even if the site wasn’t actually visited. But it will give youan idea. My computer has never seen a porn site and if I go into my temporary internet file folder, I have no pornagraphic material or websites at all. I think you have to be on something like it before it leaves stuff behind, but it might not be exact. Play with it until you feel more confident about it.

Ctrl + Alt + Del: the history…

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