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February 8, 2009 by admin 

How do I look up “cookies”-things searched on internet?

How to look up all things searched on my computer I think its called “cookies” that were erased from the browsing history on the internet? I have a Acer Windows Vista computer don’t know if that matters or not. Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks!
Within the computer like the documents

If it has been erased, then there is a very slim chance of being able to get them and find out. Its also not in plain english about what was searched, if you were to open a cookie. If you want to see what was serached at, google, for example, goto google and type in the search box ‘a’ and see what pops up as recently searched, then ‘b’ then ‘c’ and so on.

Microsoft Windows : How to Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer

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