Erase Windows Internet History

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March 30, 2010 by admin 

erase windows internet history
How do i erase my windows computer search history(Not internet search!)?

I looked for this question but didn’t see it. I am NOT looking how to delete search history on the internet like google etc. I am using the windows xp search to search through my computer.
So, When I go into Start-Search-All files and folders
When I start typing-somehow things that i’ve searched for in the past come up in a little drop box below. How do I get rid of that and delete them?
Thanks, I found that when it is highlighted you press the delete key and its gone works. The other ways didnt work at all.

Right-Click Start Button (on the taskbar)
Click Properties

Click Start Menu Tab
Click Customize
Click Advanced Tab
Click the button “Clear List”
Click OK
Click Apply

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