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February 20, 2009 by admin 

erase windows password history
If my father ran a browse scan on my computer would he still be able to see what I’m looking up?

Okay so I have looked up some stuff about sex and have watched porn videos on youtube when horny, my dad has been suspicious of me lately and has threatened to run a browse scan on my computer to see what I’ve looked up. However, I set my internet options to clear EVERYTHING I look up, delete history on exit, erase cookies, etc. Anything the internet options don’t clear, I get erase with the window washer. So since I delete as much stuff I’ve looked up as I can, he won’t be able to find anything on a browse scan right? I also have a password on my computer.

Depends ,, if he knows about he could get it and try to recover stuff,, Best bet. Get ccleaner, use the wipe free space,, use the 35 passes.. He will be lucky to find squat. ~

GREAT video tutorial how to remove your LOST windows password!

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