Erase Windows Search Data

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January 18, 2009 by admin 

erase windows search data

Im getting a lot of pop-ups lately and all of them start with “CiD:” in front of their names.

I ran a windows search of my computer and found this SOL format file called “cid” and it looks very suspicious. Its size is 1KB

C:Documents and SettingsSpikeApplication DataMacromediaFlash is the location of the file, and you can see that at the end of the location that it connects to a internet and it makes it more suspicious.

Some people say that if you erase a program called Cid Help from Add/Remove Programs, the pop-ups will stop, but i dont have that on my computer.

I ve been having this problem for a long time and i hope to get some useful answers from here.

Also, using Firefox is not an answer for me.

I found those “sol” files on my computer every time I was on websites that used a lot of Flash ads, and Internet Explorer does not delete those darn things in Tools – Internet Options – Delete.

Turns out that CCleaner will delete those files, so if you haven’t used it, now is a good time to try it. It is a free program.

When you install it, it will have a check box to allow installing the Yahoo Toolbar. As you are already on Yahoo, there is no need to install the toolbar.

ccleaner also gives you the ability to erase your Internet files, history, and cookies, just like Internet Explorer can, but if you want to keep a cookie or two, you can select the cookies to keep and delete all others.

how to find cookies in vista and windows 7

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