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April 22, 2009 by admin 

how do i erease everything on my pc exept windows!?

hey everyone i have a really bad computer and it needs help! i need a way to keep windows xp and not my files , i have backed up all i need on to DVD;s and i dont have the windows xp operating disks anymore. i have 3 disks , C; D ; E D= will not erase files when restored. + i have a virus!!! and all my hardware like usb is not beeing detected on the pc it says it cannot enable it . HELP FELLOW INTERNETERS!!!! I read an article about this before and have done what the person said . u no the IE temporary files are gone . but i want to start fresh , formatting would delete EVERYTHING !! thanks !!

To be honest, formatting because you have a virus is just going to prolong the real problem, you’re not sure of what to download, what to click on, how to scan files properly before you use them, and are relatively weak with internet security in general. Formatting will simply provide you with a time lapse between now and the time you screw up your computer again. I honestly recommend learning what to do and what not to do on the internet or this will become an endlessly repeating cycle. Enough about that.
If your pc has no XP cd you will need to buy one from someplace. Newegg has XP Home OEM for around $90. Buying one will save you more hassle than you can imagine. Just get your cd, boot to it, format your hard drive, and install windows fresh. Then install you antivirus/security suite, and run windows update, and reinstall any system drivers you’re missing, such as chipset, video, and audio drivers.

How to Delete Temporary Files

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