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How to delete Internet history: How to get rid of temporary Internet files

Temporary Internet Files are files such as pictures, videos, web pages, text, and cookies are stored on your hard drive in the backscene. Its goal is to accelerate surfing. When you visit a page on your browser to search for images, multimedia files and other files and download them to your hard drive.

Then create a kind of model for this particular site with all the data that are frequently used. When you browse other web pages to load faster because your browser has already recorded some information. The disadvantage is that this takes up space on your hard drive.

It's a good idea to regularly clean the contents of the folder where the temporary Internet files are stored. This folder is usually located in your Documents and Settings -> username – Local Directory> Configuration. Replace the user name with your Windows user name. Go ahead and find the Temporary Internet Files folder and display the content. Chances are that you will find mostly images, stylesheets and other media files (Mp3, video, etc.).

You can manually select the folder contents and send them to the Trash. You can also clean your file temporary file by the menu at the top of your browser. In Internet Explorer go to:

Tools -> Internet -> Options (Or click Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options)

On the General tab, locate the temporary files area …– Internet Files and select Delete to delete the contents. A confirmation message. Click OK and you're done. Other options on the same tab allows you to erase cookies folder Delete Cookies-…- or your browser history by clicking the Clear History.

In Mozilla Firefox, the term Temporary Internet Files folder is replaced by the term cache. To clear the browser cache, go to Options and click on privacy – tab. You can do all kinds of maintenance. You can delete all cache files and specify how long you want Firefox to remember of pages you've visited. You can also clean the cookies and history of your browser.

Once again, here's how to delete files Temporary Internet (Internet cache) in Firefox:

Go to Tools -> Options and click the Privacy tab -. Click Clear Private Data Now "in the private sector and the data section. Click OK and ready.

Netscape also uses the cache Internet term for storing temporary files. Go to Edit -> Preferences, then open a new window. There you can clean your browsing history by clicking the Clear History button. To clean Netscape, Internet cache Click on the Advanced [+] in the menu on the left. Click on Cache-subtab. The new setting appears on your right. To clean your temporary Internet files click on "Clear Disk Cache" on the right. A message window will appear. Click OK and you're done.

Cleaning your Internet History and Files

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