Erase Windows Temporary Files History

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August 14, 2009 by admin 

computer section of people, we can help Ccleaner please? Need advice?

Hello, I have my XP computer in 2007 just before computers and super light all the memories and all that. It is a good team, but has slowed recently. I downloaded the CCleaner and I am an Internet cache and history cleaning and temporary files from Windows, because it only takes a few minutes each time I computer. What should I do to keep my computer to slow down, there are many features in ccleaner i dont know and it is always this warning Are you sure you want to remove this? Do you want a backup? basically the type of question I hate "Are you sure your insurance? kind of thing. Well, I do not know. Could someone point in the right direction keeping my computer running quickly and smoothly as possible? Thank you.

cleanser DC used to find ten or twenty Eusing free registry problems with hundreds of much better, you should delete temporary files and cookies, history Internet tools and also the implementation of the cleaning system, in principle, all programs, Accessories, System Tools

Clearing Your Browser’s Cache IE 7 (Beginners)

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