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February 25, 2010 by admin 

help with these computer questions???

Here is four things I need to know the anwsers to… if you can help me in anyway I would love it so much! Thanks!

1. Under normal circumstances, you can’t erase or add any info to a:
A.Formatted floppy
B.rewitable CD
D.hard disk

2.What Important step should you take upon re-booting in the event the computer loses power before Windows can shut down properly?
A.Delete any files still in the recycle bin
B.Run the ScanDisk feature
C. Test your mouse
D. Open your web browser

3. A computer’s CPU and hard drive are found in the:
A. keyboard
B. Power bar
C. main peripheral device
D. system unit

4. An ellipsis following a menu item tells you:
A. there’s a submenu that offers additional choices/
B. the item is linked to a web site
C.your hard drive is out of space
D.a dialog box is available

Answer to question 1:
C Why? Because CD-rom stand for Compact Disk – Read Only Memory, teh rest of the media is writable meaning you can modify it (erase or add)

Answer to question 2:
B Why? Because in case there was data that was corrupted during the power down this will try and fix those errors to prevent further damage to the file system

Answer to question 3:
D why? Although not too clear the answer considers the system unit to be your “case”
a keyboard is simply a peripheral that does not contain much electronics.
a Powerbars…. well they can be delicious, but also some use the term power bar for surge protectors.
main peripheral device, truly i do not know what they consider “the main peripheral device” maybe the monitor, printer… who knows.
that is why you best answer is D

Answer to question 4:
well to tell you the truth the question itself is rather obscure, al previous question are regarding hardware.
This question is focusing on software and an assumption is not easily made, since different system behave differently, i can’t assume the question is based on a windows system or any other system for that matter. for that i will say the aswer could be:

E. All or none of the above

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