Erase Windows Web Files

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May 19, 2010 by admin 

erase windows web files
Formatting drive C! Why and how!?

Nothing seems to be working right in my computer. I have erased my internet xp web browser by mistake. Yahoo/MSN messenger do not work. I have an HP laptop and someone told me in order to get it fixed i have to format my drive C, or do a system recovery. Restoring did not work either.
Now I am familiar with Windows xp, but formating drive c is one of those things that I don’t know about, and am afraid to do so.
If you can recommend a better way instead of formating C plz tell me, so that I don’t lose my files, pictures, and musics. If not guide me through step by step formating C if you agree it will help my system. Thanks everyone

my advice to you is to take it to a shop and get THEM to format your drive so that they’ll know how to reinstall Windows for you :)

But if your problem is simply the browser you could first try and install Firefox
it works better than IE so all might not be lost after all.
Not sure about the messengers, you might want to try reinstalling them as well.

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