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Tips to improve your system performance

Some of the key issues contributing to delays in the speed PC from viruses and spyware, files not recognized in the register, no need to implement the program, application errors, etc. fixing a slow computer can be solved only with a few tips to improve performance and keep your PC running for a long period.

Methods to improve the performance of teams classified into three categories:

a) The implementation of the optimization.

b) installation and operation set up PC software

c) improve the speed of Internet

optimization of the implementation is to make changes to default settings that are essential not true, but shorter processing your PC.

Tips to follow:

  1. Disable unnecessary Windows services, the parameters and programs that slow computer
  2. For machines with a wider network card, allows the CPU to the card-board network, which is downloaded CPU tasks.
  3. For an audit team adapted to the BIOS settings for optimal CPU caches enabled, your computer equipment used and properly configured IDE / SATA modes of data transfer, synchronization of memory, etc. that do not use all the power and should not be loaded at startup.
  4. The Fast / Quick Start if you have that option.
  5. Delete all drivers for older devices that can be hidden in Device Manager no longer use.
  6. The transition to an operating system Windows XP faster Mac or Linux.
  7. Move or change the location of your My Documents folder to be on a separate partition or hard disk.
  8. Turn monitors, hard disk performance by default in Windows XP to increase performance.
  9. Speed up boot by disabling ports not used on your Windows machine

Software Installation and PC Tune up operation regarding implementation of flexible materials that eliminate redundant files, property or PC settings after soft analysis system.

Tips to follow:

  1. Clear the temporary files that clog your PC's memory. This can be done navigating the menu: Web Browser> Tools> Options> Internet> A window will open. It should be open to the General tab> Temporary Internet Files> Click on "Delete Cookies" and "Delete files" one by one.
  1. Revision history of options to reduce the number of days in the history of sites visited is stored on your system.
  2. Clean files My old documents or files that you create and delete or archive onto a CD.
  3. Remove programs on the remote PC is longer in use.
  4. Restart your PC from time to time to reset after a new software or hardware is installed.
  5. Restart the computer erases the virtual memory from the last session and passed through a self-diagnosis to find problems.

Improve internet speed

Tips to follow:

  1. Managing your virus scanning program at least once a week.
  2. When you run ScanDisk at least once in two months.
  3. Using Disk Defragmenter
  4. Using a firewall software prevents viruses, hackers and hijackers to From your computer
  5. Run a spyware
  6. Install and run a research program on the hijackers from your PC

How to Remove Internet Cookies On Vista

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