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April 10, 2010 by admin 

How do I clear my address bar?, But I just told you the list?

when I start typing in a site as I can wrote that "factors" and now all these addresses for each page facebook've been posted below. This means it is easier for me, I know, but I do not want all these hundreds of pages of the site to appear. Another example that does not really make sense is if I want Togo to, I'll write "And addresses appear below Yahoo Yah, yahoomail, etc. Does anyone understand what I mean (I used other computers that) and anyone know how I can delete all those addresses?? be clear, I do not want the bar ten address below when you click the down arrow on what can delete them individually. and clear history does not have anything.

It is necessary to clear or disable Auto-Complete. This saves all previous searches in the search bar. Here is how to solve the problem: For Internet Explorer: Click on Tools. Then click Internet Options. Click Table of Contents and AutoComplete. Then, click Clear Forms. This will erase your search history. If you do not want things not shown again in your search history then deselect the Auto Complete options at the top. Make sure you select Apply or OK on the bottom.

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