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Visa Questions & Answers

Around $9300 contained by credit card debt… serve near budget?
I bring home $1752 a month after taxes & after my coup¨| giving is automatically taken out. Each paycheck $76 is put into my reserves as very well. So necessarily $1600 a month appropriate home after taxes. My current living costs (rent/etc, insurance, cable/internet, food, phone, student loan repay, etc.) is estimated around: $947 a month. My current debt is: Discover $4,100 (a) 5.9% fixed until 2011, Master Card $2,250 (a) 6.9% fixed “forever”, $2,850 next to $1000 or so (a) 10% fixed and the rest at 3.9% fixed until Aug 2008. Now… I am roughly looking for a plan to hold this debt salaried past its sell-by date ASAP. Should I be paying the minimum expense on 2 and sending $400-$500 a month to freshly one? What would be my best solution?

Ascent card?
ok i know theirs a way too payment my ascent credit card online .. and i cant find it looked over 2 hours for it .. the card i have is a Ascent .. from plains commerce mound in hovan south dakota … can anybody backing … cant get customer service 2 answer their phone perchance closed .. payed online once before soooo please facilitate… thanks

asking for the sv credit card ?
I applyed for the sv credit card on April the 7th, and i am tying to find it on line, i be aproved for 10,000, dollars and i have not recieved my card all the same do you know where i can stir to fine the sight on dash, or a phone number,

Aspire credit card phone number??
I lost my card and cannot find a number online. If u know the number plz help. inopportunely I’m not at home to locate a statement. I’ve looked at the website however cannot access it without credit card number. Thank you.

Attempt to purchase over Credit card rein in? Will it affect my Credit evaluation?
I just get approved for a student card yesterday. I attempted to purchase an item (Playstation 3, $500) today that turned out to be a bit over my temporary credit impede. The issuing bank for my card wouldn’t authorize the charge so the online retailer informed me that I have to use a different card because the student card was denied.Will this affect my Credit Score even though I didn’t if truth be told complete the transaction, but just made an attempt and be denied since it was over my short-term credit limit? Thanks contained by advance.

Australian beside unpromising credit?
I want to go to australia with a working tourist but am within a bit of debt here, about lb4000 with debt collection agencies. Can anyone stop me? I am planning to work over nearby and save to pay it past its sell-by date before anyone thinks im doing a runner. cheers x

Bad Credit And Still Approved For New Credit Cards To Pay It Off With?
I hear about society who have bleak credit,how can they approve for a new credit cards that PAYS OFF THE DEBT/A GOOD FRACTION of the debt?I am not relating to the IMAINE card and those kind.I don’t mean the credit card beside a limit of $300-$500.What are these type of credit cards called,how do you achieve approved?I have poor to discouraging credit and are working on repairing it,I just stipulation a credit card for emergancy since I’m going to Europe.(The trip and other expenses is of course rewarded cash).What would be the spending limit on it?

Bad Credit, No Bank Account – Big Inheritance?
I’ve had a rough few years financially, and no dune I’ve talked next to will give me a checking side, based on two accounts that be closed with money owing. One dune also pulled my credit report (I didn’t authorize this), and it is horrible. I feel unsuccessfully about adjectives this, but am ready to fix it. I basically got a voluminous inheritance, and have the generous cashiers check, in my possession (the hill that manages the ancestral Trust was going to flex the money, but I have no rationalization to wire it into). I also inevitability to get a VISA-Debit card, the considerate that normally comes beside checking accounts, these days. So, Item number #1 – find a ridge who will open an commentary for me, based on the info above., Item #2 – If they won’t donate me a checking account, set up a pre-paid near a decent stability. I thought getting a bunch of money would “erase” my undesirable status with bank – but apparently not. I’ve gotten many suggestions from friends, ethnic group, even attorneys – and everyone seems mystified. Please Help!

Bad credit cards?
How do you stop everyone looking at your credit score it’s making your scroe be in motion down everytime all the time when look at from other places trying to dispatch you things.

Bank Account, Which One?
my mate has open an account next to lloyds tsb and he is 16 and he says that he have got the straight debit card not credit card. However i am 16 and am beside halifax and hsbc, they only provide the electron and solo, is it true as a 16 year old you can procure the original card not the electron beside an 16 year old information with lloyds tsb.

Bank debit card (visa)?
I have a guard card (ATM) debit linked to both checking and hoard but no money in it (I am negative). If I thieve out 500.00 will it be accapted or not? Also does it matter if it is my bank ATM or can I do it anywere? How will any ATM machine even know how much is within my checking or savings?

Bank explanation, legit?
I want to open a US bank article (I am European) I saw two sites online but I dont know if I can trust them, they want a copy of my passport. They are called and us-bank-non-residents.comDoes anybody know these? Will they work, can I trust them, will they send me my card to France?Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

Bank loans?
I am thinking about taking out a wall loan of 4,000 to pay bad all my credit cards sour and have one month money and on interest rate. I have the evaluation of 24 or 48 months and I was thinking in the order of the 24 month. I can also double up on payments if I want to. The interest rates are from 11-18%… I know its high…but I am also solely 21 and I personally don’t enjoy anything Calateral is not an opition. I am wondering if this sounds like a apposite idea. I enjoy two major near high interest rates and afterwards a lot of different store cards. I abhor having payments due at different times.. So please help out me!

Bank of America Platinum Plus Credit Card have anyone have it is it a accurate card?
i wanted to apply for the student card but they wont let me because i am not enrol in a college yet, so they said i should apply for this one is it a obedient idea?

Bank won’t lower credit card interest rate?
I have a credit card through my wall. I called to see if they would lower my interest rate and I be denied. I am paying a 24.5% rate. The representative on the phone said I would have to maintain calling back to see if at hand were any special interest lowering offer; but these offers are never advertise.Can anyone tell me what could get hold of my interest rate lowered or how I can find out about these special offer?

I was wondering if anyone has go bankrupt and what happen. My advocate told me to max out all of my credit cards I have toys r us, home depot, lowes, and mastercard. If i do this will they come and carry everything that i bought with those credit cards I am worried he told me nothing would arise!!

Bankruptcy and Spouse?
I filed for collapse due to a failed business. My spouse did not. The debts contained by my name be cleared and we have lots debts in both our name. Most of them my spouse just continues paying them as until that time and we’ve had no troubles. However, one be in both our name and he received a letter wise saying he has to pay packet the balance within full now since I file bankruptcy. Obviously he doesn’t own the full amount but is of course liable to continue beside payments to keep his honourable credit. They want this in full so will his credit be ruined also or should they agree on payments?

Bankruptcy: Joint and authorized users for Credit Cards.?
I filed ruin and had several visas. They be all cleared. One of my which I have for over 10 years I asked for a supplement card for my spouse last year as they other send the applications within the statements each month. Well, my spouse have received a letter axiom that he has to settle up the FULL balance rapidly and they won’t accept payments anymore as they consider it a discouraging debt since I filed liquidation. Are they allowed to go after my spouse even though he be not a joint article, just a supplement card? They utter he is automatically joint if he get a supplement card. I don’t want his credit ruined because he can’t pay my debt within full within 2 weeks.

Bankruptcy…please back!?
Just wondering people’s experience with file for bankruptcy and how you get the impression now??Is it embarrasing near family and friends knowing or don’t they know?Have you struggled getting job?also…how hard is it to shift overseas on a working in the first three years??and when overseas, be it in the first three years or after this three year period, will potential employer be able to check credit historys??

Banner Bank credit card, what are the advantages?
Hello!I’m considering applying for a Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Credit Card, since I bank beside them. Is this a good choice, because currently I hold Capital One and am having trouble near them. I just want a card that can serve me build strong solid credit history. Capital One charges me 21% interest rates, and Banner Bank can offer you a 9.99% to folks with right credit. Do any of you have one of these cards, what are the advantages or disadvantes of owning one? Just dispense me overview of this card if you could please. Also do any of you know if they charge a fee for usage, approaching for example Capital One charges $10.00 everymonth-$120 yearly. Does Banner Bank do this brand of things?Thanks in mortgage.Alex

behind the times card lost when i enter the latest card # it shows the information does not contest near my mound ,pl assistance?
I want to purchase credit for my yahoo voice messenger but when i enter the new card # (since i lost my ripened card)it shows the information does not match near the bank details, how to slove this problem, i am trying for former 4 days,can you please help me ?

Best Credit Card!?
I want to get a or Master credit card to buy something online.Who can recommend the best or master credit card to me?Thanks plentifully!

Best credit card Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Amex for use outside US?
Which is best if you travel all over the world. I know & Mastercards arent excepted in asia for the most piece

Best gas rebate credit card?
I’ve been shopping for a up to date credit card specifically for gas cashback. I am looking for or mastercard so I can still use it at most other retailers. I am not so concerned about interest rate since I pay cheque my credit card in full adjectives the time.Is there a dutiful card any one of you would recommend? Thank you.

Best prepaid card (visa or mastercard type)?
I’m looking to buy a or mastercard type of prepaid card, I want one mostly for purchases on the internet (ex. ebay) I probably will only use it occasionally and probably not nouns very much on it. I stipulation a card with low/ no fees approaching no montly fees no activation fees, and if there is fees they must be low ones. I also entail a card that is offered surrounded by canada. Does anyone have any suggestions for a well brought-up card that would suite me?

Best type of credit card?
I’m looking for ONE credit card which will sufice, ONE which is good on the long possession, so that the short lived “extra stuff” dont matter (ex: 10% of subsequent ten purchases)it should also be widely acceptedno obscured fees if possible, and hope fully have some cash put a bet on like 1 or 2 %, something unfinished, also it should have a pretty epic grace peroid as compared to other credit cardswhat i mean lonf permanent status, is one that willwork as the only creduit card for years to come, short anyother credit cardI was thinking some of the following: Visa, American express, Mastercard, etc. big companies

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