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February 9, 2009 by admin 

erase yahoo search history
how can I erase yahoo search history?

Open Internet explorer and select Tools-Internet options it will open to the default tab. Select the clear temporary internet files.

Next click clear history.

Now click settings and goto “View files” Highlight the lot (Cntrl+A) and press delete. On IE6 just press clear cookies button, no need to goto settings.

Finally how do you clear those damn searches and sites from the URL Address bar? Click the Content tab. Select Auto complete and making sure that “Web addresses is checked” (by default it will be) click the clear forms button. All done :o )


Temporary internet files tend to accumulate. You can auto delete them every time you shut your browser by: Open IE select Tools-Internet options-Advanced. Put a check in the box that says “Clear temporary internet files on shutdown”.

Be aware that temporary internet files do help to speed up surfing. Once you have been to a page it is saved in the temp cache and loads form there next time you goto the site. Loading it from your HD is quicker than redisplaying the data from the web. The downsize is that as you surf you accumulate a ton of these files.

Set aside about 80 meg of space for the temporary files, more than this will start to degrade performance.

Set history to about a week, more than that and it will be a confusing mess.

If you turn off “check for newer versions every visit to a site” it will speed up your IE loading times. But you will need to clear the temps file regular if you do this otherwise you may view older pages unless you refresh. For some reason this seems to help cable users who experience slow loading of their home page.


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