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June 22, 2009 by admin 

erase yahoo sign in history
My yahoo inbox comes up when yahoo is launched on a friend’s computer! What to do?

I was at a friend’s house using the internet and signed on to Yahoo there. When I left, I erased the history, but whenever Yahoo is launched there, it goes to my yahoo inbox! How do I make it stop doing that? I want it to go to a screen that prompts users to sign in. This is not my computer. I don’t want anyone else to access my inbox! What do I do?

ok, first thing you need to do is ’sign out’ then, sign back in again and make sure that the box that says ‘remember me’ is not checked off. If there is a check mark there it will sign you in automatically. then, to check, without signing out, close the internet. If you have muliple tabs, you can’t just close the one tab, it needs to be the internet itself. Then, load it up again and see what happens! hopefully, it will be better, if not.. then I’m not sure sweety, I’m sorry :(

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