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March 22, 2010 by admin 

Login accepted in tabs, Object Expected Error when I click My Mail?

I can’t go to my inbox for Yahoo Mail Beta, My Login works and lets me preview recent emails and other account pages. After clicking on My Mail I get an Error box that says Login Error, Object Expected, -2146823281. I have already erased all internet temporary files and cookies, same problem.

Hi there…I’ve had problems accessing my Yahoo mail! Beta all day!! I finally figured out after reading questions pertaining to this that the problem is NOT with your computer OR your browser. It is with the beta version of Yahoo mail. Go to Mail Options before you go to your inbox (when it comes to the news page) and switch back to the original version of Yahoo Mail. I did and have had 0 error messages and can access my mail again! Remember, any Beta version of ANY software, etc is a trial version, which means it’s brand new and the bugs are most definitely still in it!

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