How Firefox Search History can be Erased Permanently?

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What is Search History?

As all of us know, the computer tracks all our activities while browsing the internet. Using the stored files such as cookies, history file, graphics, cache and the back button of your browser, anybody can trace your surfing activities. If you do not like to disclose your activities during your surfing session, it is recommended to clear the search history before leaving the computer. You have to perform this task especially when you use a public computer in an internet café or office. If you didn’t clear the search history, your surfing data will stay stored in the computer and other people who have access to the computer can retrieve your surfing details including the images and videos that you have seen, files and documents that you accessed and lot more. It is better to take necessary steps to safeguard your privacy by erasing the search history before you leave the computer. You can clear the search history either manually or using special software which are available in the market.

How to erase Firefox search history?

You can easily erase Firefox search history manually. Make sure that you performed this task before leaving the computer.

You can follow the below mentioned instructions to clear the search history, if you are a Firefox 2.0 user.

* Choose the “Tools” menu from the top of the Firefox window.

* Choose “Options” on the bottom line of the dropdown list.

* Now, you have to select the second tab from right hand side named “Privacy”

* Click “Clear Now” button in the private area.

* A new window named “Clear Private Data” appears. Tick the check box with the caption “Saved form and Search History”.

* Click on “Clear Private Data Now” button.

* Click “ok” to end the process.

You can follow the below mentioned instructions to clear the search history, if you are a Firefox 1.x user.

* Select the “Tools” menu from the top of the Firefox window.

* Select “Options” on the bottom line of the dropdown list.

* Now, you have to select the second tab from right hand side named “Privacy”

* Click the “Saved Forms” tab.

* Click “Clear Saved Form Data Now” button.

* Click “ok” and proceed.

Same as other browsers, Firefox stores the browsing history on your hard disk drive. Your private data will not be deleted permanently after clearing search history manually. The data which are erased manually can be retrieved easily by other people. So, it is one of the major concerns for people who are giving significant importance to their data security and privacy. It’s high time to find a reliable option that can erase Firefox search history completely. According to experts in this filed, it is better to use some special software to erase the search history from your computer. Several search history erasing software are now available on the market. Search history erasing software can help you in deleting all the personal data that are stored in your computer. Using a history erasing software, you can simply erase your personal data permanently. The software helps you to permanently remove search history, remove the cache and each and every track of the web pages that you have taken during your internet surfing.

Editor’s Comment:

It is no longer necessary to erase your search history manually.
Now there is software that can automatically erase all your search history for you.
For a list of the ones we’ve found to work the best, be sure to read this article on Internet Erasing Software.

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